Hongri Yuan

The Tripod of The Soul

The golden key of the heaven hide in my chest

Which is more magnificent than the whole world

And there are sweet blue ocean and silver kingdom in my head

Everyone is the same beauty, In spite of they are as the different flowers .

That is a simple civilization that everyone is a giant

Each stone are called gems or gold by them

Even there is no darkness and death in their words .

So they made a tripod of the soul which making the sun and the time

The Smile of Emptiness and Nothingness

Fifteen thousand years ago

You wer a king.

And thirty thousand years ago

You were a slave

Your past life was a long scroll of times

And the next life?How short ten thousand years are!

Yesterday is emptiness and nothingness,

Tomorrow is emptiness and emptiness

Where are you at this time

Emptiness and nothingness, Emptiness and nothingness

Buddha halo, the smile of emptiness and nothingness

The Phoenix of The Golden Wings

I shall go to another universe in my dream

The kingdom of the sweet light

The diamond country of White, golden , blue

Yes , the color is just the music

Every palace and pavilion

Are both a huge musical instruments

Every drop of dew

Is a note

Have washed your soul brightly

Like the phoenix of the golden wings

Bio:Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularl


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