Luz María López


silence always sparks a cry
streams over emotions
ellipsis of ardors
seeking freedom
a carnal reverie
flying out of the soul
into the deepness
of the universe
a lurid echo
dreaming to be
eternal poesy!


the soul sometimes can wrinkle
as paper does in someone else’s fist
becoming a bunch of pleats
that result strange before the eyes
airy they do parade their
apparent discrepancy
as if they were a mystery
when in fact they are not

i have a paper soul
it has had to crumple
more than once
even so it still revives
and keeps being
the gentle wrap
of my own existence.

i got a soul made out of paper…!


roots set deep within
mother earth’s soul
sweetly becoming
eternal reverie
they echo frantic calls
and the blooming magnolia
flakes purple and pink hues
palpitations cover the soil
lucid dream enchantment
a new song strokes the heart
of the expectant soil
tantalizing all senses
so lovers under the canopy
render to inborn passion
kiss their lips
turning all illusion
into ephemeral


before the mirror
i become one
for an instant do play
i am another me
a narcissistic smile
expresses its enigma
yet, not always a
self-absorptive woman,
i turn around and
leave the mirror


like this
throwing emotions onto the air
at bird’s flight an instant of existence
and the dream gets imprinted in the eyes.

like this
diluting the time
in the most delicious sensation
of liberty.

like this
flying towards the inner self!


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