Małgorzata Skałbania


for Adam Reason

the relic skeleton wears golden armor
giving the go-ahead
pointed at me by his distal of right phalages
all negative energy
i hear i remember a booming voice of knight hero of farmers solidarity battle
he willingly drank sour milk at larchwood home
to the question
if he can mow
he laughed

for Rafał Wojaczek

rope iron nails lead brick wood seats lime
do not go and do not ask where
renew the old gallows
a city found funds
the healthiest trees were beheaded
thirty pairs of white gloves were purchased for workers (librarians at the center of pompidou use similar)
hatchets for carpenters
for carwrights an apron (our theatrical locksmith uses like it)
trowels and hammers for masons
vodka beer for all (french wine for head guildsman) bread and herring
during work play a band paid by the residents


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