I am Kritya. 
The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.

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Abhidhanantar, a quarterly edited by Hemant Divate, was one of the leading little magazines in Marathi during the last decade of the second millennium and the first decade of the twenty first century. It started as Abhidha in 1992 and later developed into Abhidhanantar Publications and published collections of new poets writing in fresh, innovative mode in Marathi. It has now evolved into an internationally renowned publishing enterprise named Poetrywala (2003) for publishing national and international poetry collections and Paperwall Media Pvt. Ltd .
It was one of the earliest literary magazines and a literary movement in Marathi to engage creatively and critically with the potent processes of globalization which were rapidly transforming Indian society, culture and life in the nineteen nineties. Abhidhanantar provided a dynamic platform to the engagement with linguistic, cultural and literary transformations taking place, as well as to the crises they gave rise to. It provided a platform for the emergence of fresh poetic talents like Manya Joshi, Varjesh Solanki, Hemant Divate, Mandakini Patil, Sanjeev Khandekar, Nitin Kulkarni, Sridhar Tilve, Mangesh Narayanrao Kale, Dinkar Manvar, Dnyanada and Sachin Ketkar among others who had started writing in response to the new cultural and social predicament brought about by the compelling and intimidating forces of globalization in the 1990s,
Sachin C. Ketkar
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 A nail
As tall as I am
Driven into me
Right through the centre of my being
Entering from my feet
Moving into the palm of my mind
My one leg in the air
I have never heard
Zakir’s singing fingers
and yet in my mind Wah! Taj bubbles and brews

There in my head
in place of digits drumming on the tabla
cups brim
with sloshing tea
I search for the meaning of Zakir’s freshness
in the words- Wah! Taj
and I am depressed
Ignatius Dias
That is Aryan means Shaka means Huna
That is Mughal means Turk means Arab
That is Yavan means Afghan means Irani
That is Pallhav means Med means Parsik
That is Kamboj means Bhallik means Kushan
That is Tatar means Barbar means Mangol
That is unknowingly how many disguises
He has worn in every century!
Mangesh Narayanrao Kale
Smashaanvatika.com centralized AC
Ultramodern amenities for cremation
Of five hundred plus corpses at a time. Horse rides for kids,
close circuit TV, free pick up facility for senior citizens.
On the crematory campus
Amusement park club house spa,
‘This is two-in-one’, he started
‘Very effective and economical’- he said
‘I see. I said.
‘Its new brand…’ he said.
‘ It means, for instance, it has many advantages.
We call it-‘…
‘Ok..Ok.. .’ I replied.
Sanjeev Khandekar
I smack away
The poem like a cockroach
From my body
In addition, step out.
Even here
It seems that even here
You can’t achieve anything without advertisement.

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Its journey can also be traced in the changing address of its publication: Shahpur (till 1994), Kalyan (1995), Thane (1999), The Neighborhood, Lokhandwala, Kandivali (2000), Whispering Palms, Lokhandwala, Kandivali (2004) and finally Octacrest, Lokhandwala from where 2014 “ Facebook and Poetry ’special issue of Abhidhanantar that highlights more recent voices in Marathi poetry today.
Abhidha started in 1992 from a small town of Shahpur, a Taluka place in Thane District, one year after the economic reforms initiated by the then Prime Minister PV Narsinharao and the finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, and two years after the implementation of the Mandal Commission Report by the VP Singh government, and three years after the fall of the Berlin wall which put an end to the Cold War. The same year saw the demolition of the Babri Masjid, and three years later, the Internet would be made publicly available in India. Under the policies of liberalization and privatization, television saw an explosive growth by 1995. Needless to say, even today, the global neo-liberal logic behind economic reforms, the politics of Mandal, Kamandal and Media, informational technology revolution and the global decline of left-liberalism and multiculturalism plays a considerable role in our lives. What is understood as ‘contemporary’ in 2017 has largely been shaped by the processes that gained momentum in the post-nineteen nineties period.

Globalization is a shorthand term to describe these complex interrelated and chaotic processes that are at once global and local. While the term globalization has been defined and contested in numerous ways, it is useful here to think of globalization as what the sociologist Anthony Giddens calls ‘the post-1989 world’ whose everyday life is transformed by ‘worldwide communication revolution’...

Sachin C. Ketkar
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For so many years I’ve been opening these doors
A slight gleam of very feeble light
comes piercing through the door opposite me
I open door after door and enter
Still a slight gleam of very feeble light
comes piercing the door facing me
One after another after another
I open doors rapidly
For so many years I’ve been
whizzing by
Still a slight gleam of very feeble light
comes piercing the door facing me
I run, run, run
I’ve been frantically opening door upon door
slit by miniscule slit
for so many years
The doors just don’t end, not even slightly
nor even the very slight gaps
nor even the running
At a whizzing distance
there’s me
there’s me opening the doors
and there’s the feeble light before me
I am opening doors
I am running
opening doors
the same weak light still comes piercing through
I don’t stop
the doors don’t stop opening
the feeble light doesn’t stop
nobody can stop
Everyone is running
Nobody really knows that
just nobody can stop
the doors that open and close rapidly
and there’s no time to think in the meantime
that for so many years
we’ve been frantically closing
the doors from which comes
the slight feeble gleam of light
and now on the shore beyond
it’s impossible to tell
whether we are feverishly opening doors
or closing them
Our mind repeats
the primordial ‘well of death’ show
of unstoppable action
while playing the death of the well
We are turning the earth
into a well of death
We dig, dig and dig with
a mortal lamentation
as if we are digging at death

Hemant Divate

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1) An Announcement for Mrs. Limaye


Mrs. Limaye aap jahan
Kahibhi ho forein
Mulund station par chale aaiye
Wahan aapke pati
Aapka intejaar kar rahe hai


Maalik who is sabka ek
Bang everyone
O Shirdi king Sai Baba bang bang


People lose their way
People lose each other
People make civil statements
On a superbuiltup world


In a public local train
There is an unimagined itchiness
On your private emotions
You mentally advertise it to your self


Mr. & Mrs. Limaye
Hiding behind popular philosophies
Each other
Facing each other.

2) Marathi Pauperized Me


Marathi pauperized me
So I fingered English shit
My ass aches
From paying for
All escape routes


A white Mercedes
Smashes me to smithereens
I know by heart
The success stories chart
In the personality development class-
-My adored location


Ad copies of MNCs
Hold me under their sway
I prognosticate
The Oriental revelation
Of virtual reality
In a so-called alien intelligence
The world is not mean
But we are jerks


I remix
My inevitable emotions
Dance in a rustic disco
Social commitment
Of intoxicated youth


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(May- June- July 2017)

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