A Nail As Tall As I am

A nail
As tall as I am
Driven into me
Right through the centre of my being
Entering from my feet
Moving into the palm of my mind
My one leg in the air
One has the buffer
Of helplessness even then.
I can see your face
Encompassing the entire sky
In the mirror of memory

Just as the ethics disintegrate
Words solidify
Poetry is walled in:
This is the rule, isn’t it?
Just like
In order to turn out finest doctors
It is necessary to turn out
Finest of patients
And so on and so forth

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A Poem by  Ignatius Dias

Mee Kheer khal-li asel tar and should I have eaten the kheer…

and butterflies
Login to their social gardens
while the woodcutter logs in to his social jungle
while at dawn
in the safe place within her gourd
the old crone logs in too

as a result, we willfully/willingly
disregard the invitation
of the cry: Wolf! Wolf!!

the ass, with the bale of cotton
on his back
surfs the river, night and day
while the back of the wolf
is all dressed up in the sheep’s fake account

as a result, in the social shade
monkeys, miming the cap-maker, hang
on the limbs of the social tree

the hare, rearing to go in the Login race
keeps surfing, unaware
that the crawling tortoise
in slow-mo
has logged out long ago

as a result, here we are
descendants of the slow tortoise

the lion sees his visage
perfectly in reflection
hears precise echoes of his roars
while into our deepest wells
the lion makes his leap

as a result, it’s like the story goes-
if I did eat the kheer
may I sink like a water-pot
Budbud Ghagri

even as I watch
the pot begins to sink
into the depths of the virtual lake
and as a result, with it goes
my fake childhood

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A Poem by  Mangesh Narayanrao Kale

Three Excerpts from Trutiya Purushache Aagaman (The Advent of the Hermaphrodite)

i) The Beginning

Naturally this stage is open always for everyone without a distinction of any caste, religion,age,colour, race or sex


Presently we are sitting before a stage
Soon the curtain would open which customarily
takes time and the play would begin
Anyone can come and act on here
and even for the entertainment of the audience
one can go for mimicking or cracking jokes
That means, one can casually stand against the bearing competence of the audience
and even make them emotionally involved without any hesitation
Naturally this stage is open always for everyone without a distinction of
any caste,religion,age,colour,race or sex
That means, no condition has been observed
Exceptionally to the hermaphrodites
That means, in this scene it is forbidden to the eunuchs
This is an unwritten law
Our ancestors have promulgated it at every period
and the gist is that they cannot act on this stage

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One day water will burst forth from nothing
One day bhakri will grow from water
One day hunger will spring from bhakri
One day man will arise from hunger
One day
Boredom will burst forth from man
One day woman will be born from boredom
One day woman will give birth to the womb
One day the womb will give birth to the tree
One day the earthen flower will grow from the tree
One day the earth will turn into vapour from the flower
One say the vapour will turn into a cloud
One day the rain water will fall from the cloud
One day only the water
Will give birth to the nothing again

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Patil-Kankriya Projects

Smashaanvatika.com centralized AC

Ultramodern amenities for cremation

Of five hundred plus corpses at a time. Horse rides for kids,

close circuit TV, free pick up facility for senior citizens.

On the crematory campus

Amusement park club house spa,

beauty parlor, yoga passage, sauna bath facilities for get-together

Special light-effects sad music tunes, touch-screen

automated music system hall for mourning B Tech NRI priest

On the spot shlokas death-chants one funeral arrangement free

On every two corpses surrounded by lush greenery

And natural scenery lovebirds will peck at the pindas

Double-storied parking space boating facility

For the relatives and acquaintances

No need to wait till the skull cracks in pyre

Online recording facility DVD within an hour

Ashes home delivered by courier

Welcome-drink mendi astrology Feng-shui Six Sigma

AAO certified Crematory Park

Online booking open twenty-four by seven

We accept all credit cards

Book your site visit right now

Smashaanparadise.com specially for five-hundred plus corpses

( More poems by SALEEL WAGH )



Poetry is the healing balm with which I sooth my wounds when they become too dry
Poetry is the strength with which I pluck my wings when my anxiety is uncontrolled and my strength threatens to harm my body
Poetry is the trigger with which I pull these bazookas when the shadows that encamp around me get too dark
Poetry is what it is, when I write it, when I say it and when
I am merely performing it
Poetry is the string with which to unravel my future, prophesying with stanzas so deep my soul cannot fathom it
It’s like the ripples in my head on the waters taking me to places unknown
Poetry is the shield through which I protect my heart from impending doom
And I won’t flinch, I won’t flinch, I won’t flinch from this poetry, exposing secrets that I dint even know I had
Poetry is the bridge between my past, my present and my future
Poetry is the drum that reverberate beats that are louder than my heart beat
Poetry is the red blood from my veins that write stories on the slates of my heart
This poetry is stripping me bare naked prostituting me through words that I didn’t even know were in my vocabulary bank
Poetry is confusing, it is liberating, yet it binds me
Poetry is alive, it is the truth, and it is a lie
Poetry contends with my conscience, it challenges my theories, argues with my world views
It threatens to completely annihilate the kingdom of non-thinkers
It threatens to destroy everything I thought I knew, everything I thought I thought
This Poetry is making a complete fool out of me every time because I fall for it every time it comes knocking at my door
It appeals to all my senses and wants to seduce my heart, mind and soul
This Poetry is a dream I have I had a thousand times before but I was afraid to pursue because it made claims over things I had never seen or heard
This poetry is deeply embedded on my DNA, unmistakably in scripted on my finger prints
Poetry is the mirror that reflects my souls, it is the canvas with which I paint
This Poetry is mePoems of Advertisements

About films: wanted boys and girls for a new TV serial,
Smart, young, having a good command over language, contact us
With your photo for the screen test. Earn! Earn! Earn! Ten thousand a month.
A golden opportunity for the unemployed. Education no bar. A company
With American base wants sales boys and sales girls for door-to-door marketing.
Meet with your bio-data. Vasai: the second Konkan. Green heaven restaurant
Just five minutes from the station. Recognized by Cidco. Twenty-four water supply.
With ultra modern amenities. Loan facility available. Booking open. Are you depressed?
Take two pills of super deluxe before sleep and experience the power and strength
Which you once had. Internet marriage: www.marathilagna.com 45/55 Maratha caste
Fill up online forms. Regarding the change of names: I, vithya dagdo gaitonde
From today onwards will be called vikas dagdo gaitonde as per
Maharastra gazette no. xxxx dated xx/xx/xx. Sanju, please come back
From wherever you are, your mummy and papa are waiting for you. Entire Patil family.
Solve the crossword no.514 please don’t send it to our office address or try to contact
Our office regarding the same.


Prayer can change your life. Meet Baba Roshan Bangali. You will get
Any job you want please contact at xxxxx a choice in your hands.
Security in your hands. Swadeshi apnao! Desh bachao! Lost: a brown coloured
Resin bag along with mark sheets and leaving certificates. If found please return to
The address mentioned below. You will be suitably rewarded. Get rid of alcohol addiction
Without bringing the drunkard here or informing him. Restore the peace in the house.
‘Vada Pav' a drama about the contemporary political situation. Actors: the usual ones.
Date xx/xx/xx evening 6.30 pm Azad Maidan. Abortion in just Rs.90/- you will be
Back by evening. Virar. Akkalkot Maharaj Bhajani Mandal at 7.45. Jai hind.


You will get fresh sugarcane juice here. As this wall belongs to the railways
Don’t spew on it, urinate, or soil it. If anyone is found doing the same
That person will be liable for punishment under the railways law. Opening
Shortly xx coaching classes. Success guaranteed. Vada Pav 3.50/- airtime 1.49/-
Filter water avoid grub. Jo cahe ho jaye coca-cola enjoy. Use nirodh with maids
Prevent aids. Don’t park the vehicles in front of this gate. Hawkers prohibited.
No stick bills.
We will accept old newspapers, brass, copper, aluminium waste, and torn notes here.
Xx road was paved with tar due to the efforts of our indefatigable leader
Of our party shri.xxxx.
The appreciative citizens are requested to regard this.
yeh davakhana ees jagah pay tees saal say chaloo hai.
Wanted boys and girls for packing in a plastic company. No conditions
About education or experience. Meet us in working hours. Ground floor
Alley no.6
Stove/ burner repairer Raju has gone to his village
so this shop will remain closed for a month.

(More poems by VRAJESH SOLANKI )

A poem by Sanjeev Khandekar

 In the Perfumed Garden.


‘This is two-in-one’, he started
‘Very effective and economical’- he said
‘I see. I said.
‘Its new brand…’ he said.
‘ It means, for instance, it has many advantages.
We call it-‘…
‘Ok..Ok.. .’ I replied.

‘Do you want a demo?’ he asked.
‘Look at this state of the art…
You know… he has three...!!
‘You can put one of these in the mouth, means... you can take it in your mouth.
Oral; you see!
The other you can slip between your thighs- deep inside.
And the third is anal!
Four stroke, 100 cc engine!!
the scheme is: ‘if you buy one today, get one free!’
-------‘For what?’ I asked.
‘Just to hold it in your hands, very handy,’ he said.
Just try, free trial,
…. money back if you are not satisfied.
Ultimate heavenly pleasure - means-….
You know what I mean.’
He was explaining.
‘But I am a man!’ I said.
‘No problem’, he said.
‘ How?’
‘Come here.’
I followed
He then took me behind him, that is - behind the back of the sculpture.
‘Look’, he said.
I looked.
It had no back. No ass, nothing!
Means… it had!! But the back was not the back.
The ass was not the ass.
He said,’ it is a door.’
‘Open it’ he said.

‘I opened it
‘Get inside.’ he said
I went inside
‘What next?” I asked
‘Fuck the world, paisa wasool, he said.


‘When are you going to fuck me?’ she asked.
‘Let’s see…, tomorrow or the day after.’ I replied.
‘What shall I do until then?’ she asked.
‘Why don’t you do it now? Just time pass,
Then you can chew your gum as long as you like.’ she said.
I : munch munch.
She: drool drool.
Little by little, yet slobber, slobber
I : I won’t dribble. No no slobber.
‘What shall I do until then?’ She asked again
‘Fuck the world!’ I said.
So, she as well opened the door and came inside
What happened next is a top secret…


‘Do you know the address of a tailor’? I asked him.
‘A tailor?’
‘Ya, a tailor…-
--the one who stitches clothes’.
‘Man, I am in a fix.’
‘What’s the problem?’ he asked
Then after a long pause, I told him everything.
‘I have grown two new horns.’ I said,
‘They don’t remain in my trousers. So I will have to stitch new ones.’
‘Very good.’ He replied.
‘What is so good about that?’ I asked
‘You are a big bull now!’
‘So the sensex will really soar, great yaar!’
O its joy, dear, its joy everywhere, he sang
‘You are the big bull!’
‘O green, green are the carpets everywhere, and money will flow from gutters
‘You are the big bull!”
Birds will sing and all that, rain will drizzle and all that
‘You are the big bull!’
Women will be pregnant, the childless will bear children
‘You are the big bull!’
Attic will climb on attic. Moon will quiver behind the palms.
‘You are the big bull!’
‘…Stop it’, I said. ‘I am in a problem
Tell me what to do? I asked.
‘Fuck the world’ he replied.

Shit! a fuckin chameleon that you are! ! He murmured.

The last line is ‘Gogal Gai Potat Pai’ a Marathi saying which can be literally rendered as ‘the Snail has its legs in its shell’, it comes roughly to mean what is rendered here.
Paisa Wasool: A Hindi phrase you have your money’s worth.

( More poems by Sanjeev Khandekar)




Nowadays every attachment
Consists of My doom virus

It penetrates the very nucleus of cells-
In an instant
It spawns millions of copies of itself
And inscribes its own illegible and devastating script
Into our genetic code
It spreads like cancer far and wide
Annihilating our operating system

Like some mutant fish
Struggling on a hook
My Norton protected soul
Is impotent to retaliate


We are the digital crows of words
With broken wings
Pecking at the mlecha skins
Of your holy cows

We are e-locusts
Perpetually spamming
Your scarecrow sensibilities
From our thousands of IDs

Just how many of our toxic messages
Can you delete?


I am a Postmodern Parikshit
This virtual fruit
Stares at me
Spammed by destiny

I know it contains a familiar worm
It will turn into Takshaka

The virtual World Wide Labyrinth has no exits
I have known this ever since I was in my mother's womb

So I click on the icon of this fruit
And wait for the ultimate sting


Digital Ghatotkach peddles
His merchandise in my bedroom

Enlarge your Penis
Viagra for less
Loans at low interests
Easy ways to loose weight
Fuck Russian women
Take your Jackpot of ten thousand Dollars
Exchange your old soul for new

The dead mailbox of my mind
Stagnates like a public lavatory

I do in fact
Wish to enlarge my penis
Cheap Viagra is also good for me
I even want to find out
The easy way to lose fat
Russian women won't be a bad idea either
The jackpot of ten thousand dollars is welcome too
How good it would be for me to have
A new soul in place of the old
So that I can play some kind of spook
In a stupid horror serial

Instead of opening them
I delete all these mails

How I love
My empty virginal mailbox
This is the moment of ultimate realization

This is the Moksha


Someone has discarded us
On this vulnerable blue planet
By mistake

We do not know who
Has mailed us to whom

One fine day
They will take us for junk mail
And delete us
To prevent future infections


I shouldn’t have downloaded
Your attachment

The scan discovered
An unfamiliar malicious code
Of destiny inside

I downloaded you
All the same
On my hard disk

I love to open unknown emails
The idiotic hope
That there will be something for me
In those mails
Makes me open these messages


I have already lost Troy
Trojan horses have taken over my bastions

Here is Hector's cadaver

Here is exhausted Ulysses

Here is the gutted bedroom
Of Paris and Helen

Here is my burnt out memory
Here are the corrupt files
In undecipherable script

Here is my locked cursor
Its no use restarting now


I have posted my zipped eyes
As attachments

Glance over them at least once
Before deleting them


My firewall
Is defunct
My immune system has conked out

Anyone can hack me
Decrypt my secrets

I have become stark naked,
Exposed to the world
You will change my password tomorrow

Nothing will remain
Which can be called my own


We will unremittingly send you
The wooden horses of words
For Helen
The onslaught of millions of Raktavirya genetic codes
From their bellies
Will reduce your system to ashes


I want to erase
My fingerprints from the moon
Tea-stains on the sun
The lines on the hand
From my joystick
The unascertainable look
In the eyes of a hunchback computer
And other such traces of my being

Zipping and attaching
To my last email
I want to bombard thousands of unknown IDs
With my viruses
Of the Unbeing, Inauspicious and the Ugly

Because in the loss of thousands
Of unknown people
Lies my gain


( More poems by SACHIN KETKAR)


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