Poet, lyricist, dramatist and visual artist, Nitin Kulkarni is an architect by profession. He got his B.Arch Degree from BKPS college of Architecture, Pune. His collection is ‘Sagla kasa agdi safeaina’ (2001) published by Lokvangmay Gruh, Mumbai, from which the poems given here are takenHis recent collection of poems is Kolahalacha Collage (2014). He has also written a song for a Marathi film Mhaadu, directed by Sandesh Bhandare and a music album Yeshil . He has also written a one-act play Maama Homa . These poems are translated by Sachin Ketkar.

Hats Off

Hats off to my shoes
Waiting for my next orders.

Hats off to my city
That bangs against my forehead
In the evening.
One hears heavenly music,
One hears the world coughing

Hats off to both the ears
A bedridden person
Fights against death
A person not bedridden
Fights against life

Hats off to both the souls
Precisely look-alike hair has come up
On both right and left cheek

Hats off to nature’s symmetry
A person who can hear is mad
The sane is stone deaf.

Hats off to the nature’s confounded balance
Hats off to the natures’ missed beat

III) What is in the left brain

What is in the left-brain
Must not be mixed up
With what is in the right.

Tomorrow no one should stop
At the green signal
Google, Index II, Unleaded Petrol, NASDAQ
Plastic Surgery, Mushroom cultivation

One must not speak on each and everything.
Doctors, Lawyers, C.A.s, Architects, Interior Designers
Must not reveal everything, must not speak all the truth.
Must not allow even a single letter
To come out on us
After the union of paper and ink.


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