Dinkar Manwar

Dinkar Manwar is a poet, editor and visual artist. He was on the editorial board of ‘Shabdved’, a well-known Marathi literary magazine, which was published from Shegaon in Maharashtra. After the closure of ‘Shabdved’, he now edits, along with well-known poet and critic D.G Kale, the Marathi magazine ‘Atirikt’, which is dedicated to literature of the nineties and the post-nineties era. Popular Prakashan published Manwar’s first book of poems, Drushya Naslelya Drushyat, and Poetrywala his second book of poems, Ajunahi Barech Kahi Baki. Manwar heads the Regional Transport Office of the Nanded and Hingoli district. The following poems are translated by Sachin Ketkar


Don't turn away from me
Stay within my sight
Don't babble or gush
Be utterly silent
Be utterly still

Let me enter deep into you
Let me at last hear your voice
Let me feel you with my desperate hands
Let my tongue lick your feet
Let me get a sense
Of what all you have been hiding in your heart

My father my mother my lord
Wait for me for a while
I want to paint
Your portrait.

The Beginning

What tree is this?
It has no leaves no fruits
And no bird builds its nest on it.

No woodcutter has cut and taken it away
And yet it stands as an indivisible part of the forest
Who waters it again and again?
And who sprays pesticides on it unfailingly in every season
No one is going to get any moisture from its shade in future
Nor is anyone from future generations going to taste its fruits
How come the birds didn't recognize this fact ?
Or is it that someone has sprayed avicide on them too?
By now the white ants should have gathered under it
Or is it that someone has waylaid them or put sugar on their paths ?
Even then attempt after attempts are being made secretly
To keep this tree alive.


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