Saleel Wagh

Saleel Wagh is a leading Marathi poet, with seven poetry books, one book of prose writing, and one of translation. His first book, Nivdak Kavita, published in 1996,as well as Racecourse aani Itar Kavita, which came out in 2008, received both critical and popular attention. Saheli Tijjan (2011), a short, satirical collection written in typical Bambaiyya Hindi slang, was appreciated by Hindi and Marathi audiences alike. In 2012, he came up with a linguistic experiment titled Ulat Sulat. His poetry has been featured in several anthologies by publishers like Sahitya Akademi, Penguin India and Poetrywala. He is currently working on his forthcoming collection, Talalelya Kavita.
He has published several scholarly notes on theoretical and contemporary issues in leading newspapers, journals and magazines. He is co-editor of ‘Bhasha aani Jeevan’, a tri-monthly dedicated to linguistics. He lives in Pune where he works as a freelance consultant. The following poems are translated by Sachin Ketkar

Saree Day

Pragnya Saangle (giddy tillu) Sara Fernandes

Janhavi Tilak Akshada Joshi

Manali Sharma Harshada Kumar (newlymarried)

Simran Kaur

Ishita Guha Aakanksha Rao

Aparna Seth (black bra)

Kripa Satyanarayan Ayesha Bodwani

Aabeda Dongarwala Anita Gaykaiwari

Samruddhi (Sammy) Tipaniya (red nipples)

Kausar Khan Ibadi

Yana Tista Reshma Anand

Lara Khanna Mona Borkar

Smita Vasan (caring)

Aishwariya Tambe (mole at the belly button)

Sohoni Jaiswal (bumchickabum)

Richa Kulkarni

Rasika Tripathi Malvika Roy

Anaya (not there)

Rashmi Kapoor

From left to right

Café Coffee day

Smile pleeeeeeessss..!!




Nero fiddles away at the fiddle
After fixing matches

After bribing the security
To let in the material without permission
Blue collared officers stuff themselves kickbacks
Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

They purchased the entire Maval region                  Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Limitless money used to bribe                                Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Ministers finishters leaders crooks                          Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Pigheaddicks of workers                                       Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Dimwitted motherfucking management                    Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Nero fiddles away at the fiddle

Those who divided the country
Those who divided the country among themselves
Those who sold the country
All chant Jindabad jindabad in unison

Neroes hold PRM meeting
Nero fiddles away at the fiddle


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