Christos Koukis

Christos Koukis was born in 1979 and he is a poet and a writer. He has published poetry books in Greece, France, Italy and Serbia and poems of his have been translated in eight (8) languages. He has participated in poetry anthologies in Greece and other countries and in several international poetry festivals. He has worked in poetry and culture magazines and has written lyrics for songs. He collaborated in an international project for Documenta 14 Athens. He lives and works in Athens.


Where I love you there is agony

advanced night in the hands of a day

Never anyone is prepared for beauty

that is why we have love and music

You are the only one I know when I am myself

Let us fall in love or let us be burned, it is equally important,

but let us not remain alone holding history under

the arm like yesterday's newspaper

You can wear the world inside out

provided you don't stick any name-plates

Let us fall in love since even at the wildest of our moments

the most beautiful sign is pain

and its first lesson is the attraction of things

Let us be burned since we could have had everything

but we preferred to have each other

and the proud hunger of the kiss

Let us fall low only for a fallen star,

only for the broken glass of the world

to feel everything else but strangers in our mistakes

Let us fill up the glass of time with sighs from hands and lips

and let the state accuse us, let us be accused

its false world plus our culpabilities is the real world

We are rich in such way that no bank condescends to accept us

Let us fall in love or get burned, it is equally important

In the language that I love you, tears are liquid fire

The Empty Space


The empty space

is the well-balanced space

a logical impasse and the last physic refuge

No feelings slips

emptiness doesn't demand nor intervenes

firm against disfigurations, reluctant to challenge you

Silently waits for what exists to breath its last breath

not at all an ungraceful role for such an unreal beauty

Humbly faithful to immobility it doesn't decline ( in value)

its crystal feeling reflects intact memory

In the empty space only peace evolves

if you are in agony, realize it, simply close your eyes
and jump


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