Zhao Fan

Zhao Fan was born in Kunming in 1987. He is a Ph.D student of East China Normal University in Chinese modern literature. published a few articles, poems in journals, a chap book of poetry , and translating the poetry of published a few papers and a few translated papers and poems, Just have finished to translate a poetic works by Mi Jiayan


Childhood’s afternoon was endless
I walked alone along the road
Encountered few friends on the way
The sun passed through the water
Illuminated the stone fish that swam at the bottom of the pool
The earthworms under the bricks revealed their heads
Velvety branches scratched my arms
Salvia splendens was everywhere
I sucked nectar from it alone
Inside of a clump of bamboo was hidden
The treasure of dreams
That bamboo shoot has arcane texture
How should I collect?
Toward those paths


 Your name

 You went away
I sat on the couch to drink water
The whisper went far away
The look faded out
The boiling scene gradually cooled
Years later
Only a name was left
Other people and things will cover my memory
What can be expected is that
When I think of you
I will meditate your name


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