Frank Keizer

Frank Keizer is a poet and writer based in Brussels and Amsterdam. His most recent book is Ondernormaleomstandigheden (Under normal circumstances), published by Uitgeverij Polis in 2016. His poems have been translated into English, French, German and Portuguese. He works as an editor for nY, a Flemish journal for literature, criticism & entertainment, and as a publisher for Perdu, a poetry foundation and publishing house in Amsterdam specializing in experimental poetry and poetics.

we say we
donít need any theory
but theory survives
theory seeps through
into mumbling
into famished mouths
into sex and into fragility
fragility is important
is touch, is democracy and thus
it is no issue
no parliamentary representation is possible
no transformation
positive stress and security are made for me
in Bangladesh
not more emancipated
but more stupid, by which I mean
failing without ulterior motives
because I am trying to imagine
what a repaired world would look like
and then I think of the packets of crisps and the national sentiment
that I eat and I eat
till I get sick


because under normal circumstances
I have grown up
and I became an adult during the crisis years
my poetry is a poetry
of the crisis
in which I have burst open and write
with what remains
the mess I donít clean up
letting it grow warm
in my hands, my innards
and the network
that gets overheated
showing the not exactly subtle reality
of someone
who is twenty-seven in 2015
and doesnít add up to the description of his reality



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