Gihan Omar
 Gihan Omar is from Cairo, Egypt. Her Published works is-أنتسيرخلفالمرآة (Walking Behind the Mirror,) July 2013. ديوان – قبلأننكرهباولوكويلهو (Before We Hate Paulo Coelho), Published in 2007. ,ديوان – أقدامخفيفة (Light feet) in 2004, The French Version of “Before We Hate Paulo Coelho.”Several poems have been translate into English, French, Bosnian, Romanian, Korean, Turkish and German in different periodicals and journals from 2007- 2017 According to critics, Her poetry profound and deep revealing a tortured self in an agonizing time. Omar tries hard to create her own images and poetic style. Though she adopts the prose as medium for writing, her poems tend to use the internal music which makes her poetry so musical and spiritual she also prefers the confessional tone in her poetry that is why we feel the sincerity of her poems.

Stick and Drum

You could make your soul as a stick,
and your skin thinner, and tightly drawn as a drum.

You could beat slowly at first,
till it become unintentionally a rhythm

Totally naked, we will dance front of you.

and when the abundant sweat makes a swimmable river,
we will rescue you at the last minute
before being almost drowned.

But we’ll never be able to bring you back,
as you have been,
with an intact skin,
and invisible soul.


Do not wear the white dress
It makes you seem pure,
even though it reveals your weakness,

Neither the red one
It makes you charming
though it exposes your desires.

Nor the yellow one
Because when you were it,
You seem like a piece of sun
it also assures your loneliness

Wear the black
Only black dress,
Wear it all the time
The black graces your skin
So it should seem like a sky praying for a moon

The black which makes me feel
Like I am already dead
And you are in a mourning time,
Mixing your tears with coffee beans

Lighting the candles in your closet
While your colored dresses are dancing,

Celebrating my departure

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