Pornpen Hantrakool


 Sayon Nandi


Sobbingly when I cry,
tears crawl on my face..
I try to forget you,
but can not do nevertheless..

Until and unless seeing you,
daily for little or short..
My comfortable bed,
also gives me discomfort..

Departing me apart,
You have gone for a high..
I want nothing,
but to get you nigh..

Illusory hopes being deceived-
Today also I still cherish..
And my enchanted youth,
Tries to search you as a foolish..

Past are the old days,
passed have been you..
Failed only i am,
to say i love u..

Tearing my eyes, you have hidden
in the lap of nature..
And I have summoned-
for an unknown future..

Accordingly when I lie,
in vacant or in pensive mood..
Your face flash upon my inward eye,
which is my bliss of solitude..a


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