SAIKH MD. SABAH AL-AHMED is a young Guwahati-based poet, lyricist, columnist and a freelance journalist. He is the author of the poetry collection Tranquil Musings Ė collected poems and two non-fiction titles Contemporary Chronicles Ė Polity, Society & Culture and Past of the Present Ė A Historical Quest. He also writes a popular monthly column in The Assam Tribune titled ĎUrban Musingí that chronicles the subtle nuances of the city of Guwahati.

His debut poetry collection was reviewed by eminent litterateur and Jnanpith awardee Dr. Mamoni Raisom Goswami and released by legendary (former) BBC South-Asia Correspondent Sir Mark Tully at the Asia International Literary Festival (2010)


Iím a bohemian spirit,
Iím a wanderer,
I abhor,
I abominate,
I loathe limits,
I believe in elusive exclusivity,
I nurture a somatic soul,
I chart my own path,
Iím not guided by a bollard,
I still somehow think though,
Iím lost in a soliloquy,
Iím oblivious of the ambience,
I loose myself in glossy rhetoric,
I obfuscate myself in mirage posturing,
I take a deep breath,
I then plunge,
I couldnít obviate oblivion.

The stink of aroma

I walk along the gravel road and
solace follows me;
I suppose.

I hear the silence within me;
An aroma spreads
of peace and
of tranquility.

The road ends abruptly:
to a dead end.
The horizon stoops low enough
for me to bend my back away.

I then get the stink of aroma
in my nose;
The road ends and
the aroma vanishes;

The stink walks in my toes.
The stink was still there as I took a new diversion.

Out beyond
the olfactory horizons
of stink and aroma,
The fragrant fields lie
somewhere in between
the shadow and the soul;
I yearn to be there.


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