Christos Koukis Poems

Moral teaching

" Let us not talk about crisis, it is simply a big re-classification of forces"
said the old earthquake specialist to the young political specialist

"The point is always how we deal with changes
the breaches, the collisions, the big and small earthquakes
the shifting to the right or the left, the horizontal or vertical tendencies
It has been for ever my young man that energy is secretly accumulating
and is searching for an exit, a voice; certainly
the question always is how we do prepare ourselves for those unavoidable changes"

The bad side of history

Johnny took everything he had, there was room for everything he had in one wind anyway and came to the capital
what else can a white boy do but write poetry demonstrating in people's mind
and one day when i took him home wounded, he said one evening i will tell you about the bad side of history

Andreas was in trouble and could not be saved even by a drop of blood he packed up and went to his village
but pain never disappears, it simply belongs to the archives

and he wanted to dream like everybody else of the bright side of the moon and one night when i treated him with his many drinks, he said
one evening i will tell you about the bad side of history

Aalen woke up sweating over a dream
she had walked in places that were erased and roads that never existed and she kept thinking : people like us change the world
with a song or a glance

and one day when I brought her medicine, she said one evening I will tell you about the bad side of history

Angel who always wanted another body, not his own anyway paid every day for the stupidity and the perversion of the world but he knew very well that love is an unlike reality
and the most beautiful terror is to love yourself

and one day when I saved him from his parents, he said one evening I will tell you about the bad side of history

Kat had gone through illegality, she had already gone through boredom and was always searching for a new activity, a new collision
as she was beautiful and rich, everything legal was too easy Besides Paradise has a taste of failure, which is also its value Kat had somewhere somehow thrown on a pile her microcosm
and one day I remained silent so she could cry correctly, she said one evening I will tell you about the bad side of history

With those people I had always the shocking feeling that I was wrong



Where I love you there is agony advanced night in the hands of a day
Never anyone is prepared for beauty that is why we have love and music You are the only one I know when I am myself

Let us fall in love or let us be burned, it is equally important but let us not remain alone holding history under the arm like yesterday's newspaper
You can wear the world inside out provided you don't stick any name-plates Let us fall in love since even at the wildest of our moments
the most beautiful sign is pain

and its first lesson is the attraction of things

Let us be burned since we could have had everything but we preferred to have each other
and the proud hunger of the kiss

Let us fall low only for a fallen star, only for the broken glass of the world to feel everything else but strangers in our mistakes
Let us fill up the glass of time with sighs from hands and lips and let the state accuse us, let us be accused
its false world plus our culpabilities is the real world

We are rich in such way that no bank condescends to accept us Let us fall in love or get burned, it is equally important
In the language that I love you, tears are liquid fire

Modern guilt

Two mirrors were quarreling which one was the most beautiful and which can be sold with the most interesting price

and no objection serious and loud did we express not one proper determining fissure did we make pity; the turn of events would have given us
the pleasure we can't find

so somewhere these two mirrors will be hanging on a wall or from a hand
and they will keep pretending that they have seen a lot but they will always be missing the sight of beauty

Two mirrors were quarreling and had become a spectacle and a subject of discussion but it is all over now and nobody even mentions them but us neither


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