Amin  Khan

He is the friend of dusk and not noon’s
A man of useless essence
A fire that burns

He is the man in the rain
Far from the curvatures of resentment

The man with an eye petrified
By an ancient light

Carrier of doves
With a scarified shoulder

The man with a heart freed
By the devil carrying him away


I hear coming
The steps of my memory

Seed of tempest
And bison charging

And I am alone

Asleep in the heart
Of a vague geometry

That of a prairie
And that of a prison

And I am powerless

I hear burning from afar
The bits of wood of my reason


Where will this horse
Lead us

To solstices
Where blood roars

Or on puddles
Of rotten stench

Worn out horse
Crossing the pure air

And the open flowers
Of our light

Knife of the plowed land
Of destiny

I long for you
Shining fall

Lungs open
To the whisper of guessing stars

Hail to the dagger
On your hip white and worn

I long for you
Wicked and nonchalant fate

Mercy for the beast
Pierced by pure heat

For the Arab errant
Crying in your hair

Mercy for the walker
Without a fount nor a farewell

The eternal pursuer
Of the dust and the salt

Mercy for the naked man
The abandoned sentinel

Amin Khan is an Algerian poet and author. He was born on October 18, 1956 in Algiers, Algeria. He studied economics, political science and philosophy in Algiers, Paris and Oxford. During his professional career, he has been a professor, a diplomat and an international civil servant. In 1989, he founded the « Algerian Association for Foresight », which he chaired until 1993. He is the author of numerous publications. For « Arabian Blues », he received in 2012 the first Mediterranean prize of poetry Nikos Gatsos, and the François Coppée prize of the French Academy (Académie française).
His publications include:
« Colporteur », Sned, 1980
« Les Mains de Fatma », Sned, 1982
« Vision du Retour de Khadija à l’opium », Isma, 1989
Translated into English as “Vision of the Return”, Post Apollo Press, Sausalito, 2012
« Archipel Cobalt », Mld, 2010
« Arabian Blues », Mld, 2012
« Rhummel », Apic, 2014


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