Poetry is the Expression of Immortality

Poetry is the medium which enables man to think deeper. It also helps him to connect and communicate with nature and his surroundings. Language is the sound reflector of nature which was created by man, which leads him to reach the height of progress, where other creatures could not.

Nature has its own music which echoes in the heart of the earth as well as the universe. That sound effect is converted into music by man as well as other creatures. Humans combine this music with a language along with their emotions to create poetry. We can say that language is like a river and poetry is its waves and every wave has its own music. The more close you are to nature, the more close you are to poetry. That is why people who are close to nature are able to give more poetic expression.

This is particularly true in the case of the ancient inhabitants, who were living close to nature. They were able to hear the music of nature that made them relate to the earth and the universe. Both man and nature were physically dependant on each other for their survival. That is why they learned to use water, some natural metals, leaves, roots and herbs for curing diseases from very early on. They also believed that these herbs and medicinal plants could be more effective when accompanied by prayer.
Eastern spirituality believes in immortality which is different from physical death.
About Immortality Upanishad says -

“What is soundless, touch less, formless, imperishable, likewise tasteless, constant, odourless, without beginning, without end - discerning that one is liberated from the mouth of death[ Katha Upanishada]. ”

The approach to death through spirituality may look similar to reality, but the aim is different. A famous Zen saying goes:

“Before you study Zen
Mountains are mountains
Rivers are rivers
While you are studying Zen
Mountains are no longer mountains
And rivers are no longer rivers
But once you have had enlightenment
Mountains are once again mountains
And rivers are once again rivers”

New issue of the journal in on, the artist of the issue is -Anupriya , the sharpness of lines give meaning to art.
the lines

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