Pornpen Hantrakool


Hadaa Sendoo (Сэндоогийн Хадаа)

Reasons for Tears from Heaven

When the desert disappears
We humans become a desert
When loaches have disappeared
We can't be rivers
When the white snow disappears
Winter will die out in our lives
When nomads disappear
I call to the past, to Sangiindalai

When Mandela was gone
A lighthouse of peace was extinguished
On the ocean of nights
When a bird disappears
The city loses a musical note
When the earth disappears
Who could get back, holding the ashes of parents?
Reasons for tears from Heaven

For Ligdan Khan

At the center of the earth
I am alive
I do not want to sing again for dawn
But this will make the darkness more ecstatic

I do not want to let my hopes become exhausted
Like my horse
Content in Naadam
And tired of battlefield killing

Wine and flesh
Like faint twilight
Only light gives me good luck:
The glamorous die of noble deeds

I only wish to listen to the heart, no regret
Just like Ligdan Khan
The sound of the horses and their hooves

Still here

Along the edge of the blue lake

*Ligdan Khan (1588- 1634) was the last great Khan of the Genghis Khan gold family regime. He was a leader representing national political interests. He determined to restore the unity of the various Mongolian tribes, but ultimately failed. He died in Qinghai (khukhnuur) at 43 years of age.

Hadaa Sendoo (Сэндоогийн Хадаа) is recognized as a great poet of the 21th century. Some of his major works include, Melody of Rocks (in Mongolian 1996), Steppe (in Mongolian 2005), Come Back to Earth (in English 2011), Endless Road (in Mongolian 2011), Sweet Smell of Grass (in Persian 2016), Aurora (in Kurdish 2017), Mongolian Long Song (in Georgian 2017),
When I die, I will dream (in Mongolian- German bilingual 2017), Mongolian Blue Spots (in Dutch,2017), A Corner of the Earth (in Norwegian 2018), Peace, Broken Heart (in Russian 2018), Sich zuhause fühlen (in German 2018). His poetry works have been translated more than 40 languages. Hadaa Sendoo has won awards for poetry in Asia, Europe, America, Arabian countries and Africa, In 2009, he was awarded the highest award by the Mongolian Writers’ Union. In 2006, he founded groundbreaking World Poetry Almanac which he continues to edit. He lives in the Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.


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