Pratyusha Sarkar


Despairs can walk
Desolation conducts the truth
That elfin moon comes on
Crazy hacks become smooth.

Night had a soundless sleep
We looked back more
Heaven splitted us somehow
Fortuity opened the door.

No one believed the dream
You perceived, and me too
I dwelt in, felt your gaps
You traced all reckless hue.

Neptune offered a birth
Woods were spotted in Heaven
The more we latent within us
More words remain unspoken.


I remember the shadows
Not the faces
Those blinks through the glasses
When droplets conduct.
The faces, the glances, the voices
Passed by
Yet near me they crossed the wonder
I sat down merely
Fought with smutted spots.
They resigned from their reflections
I competed and You won me out.

You never know me, Stranger
Though thousands dreams hacked
Poets never congeal sadness
Just emerge on the mirror's back...
I must clamor against, I oft stand off
You put my heart out
And frenzied to love more...
Neither the shadows nor the poachy lanes
Neither the dark notes nor the kittle scenes.
But You, my Stranger
Where my heart springs...
And You, my Stranger
Where my verses nourish.


This damn road never speaks
Full of suppressed words!
Only the selected raindrops
Merge my succumbed sense.
I drove to despair
Described negotiated rules
Every detail you have known
Brow sheltered in Seashore's doom.

The skies are charming
Birthdays predict the stars
Windmare crooked off soon
We believed, we believe, will believe
By heart.

This fortune shakes the ripples
You kissed my curls
Blotched rocks thanked us somehow
Chirping lips cherished my throat
I hesitated
Oh no! You never recalled the deaths
I blushed, I spout, I messed you
On half sandy dates.

Yes, my Love...
You put my name
The Dawn is up
In Seashore's fame.


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