Saumyajit Acharya


Keep six stages for him
And twelve awards for the other

Then make me tree....

When the face is burnt by the lights of glamour
When the awards are as heavy as wet cotton
These and those people will walk down the tree
They will removes all colours with leaves
And the lights will be faded off by the bark

Make me the tree

Successively standing still
for the tired racing people ...



The deaf stands before the bell
It is ringing --
Summer ...

There stands the deaf
The bell swings ---
Moonsoon time ...

The deaf stands before
the bell is ringing --

This season just before winter
Cease the bell
The deaf will speak something
Standing before the tree

Topic : songs of birds and roar of the sea.

Climbing up the wall


Have to cross the wall
So , I have pinned nails on every brick.
trampling their shoulders
I will climb up the wall.

I am mounting my first step
And thinking of getting a big lake on the other half
And after the second mount
It appears , a unended forest at the other .

Crossing the steps , one by one
I am climbing up the wall

Only I cannot cross myself ....

Introduction of poet :

Dr. Saumyajit Acharya is a Indian poet,writer, translater and scholar. He has proved his prowess in diverse bounds of literature and creative writing besides his successful professional carrier in academics. Being Post Graduate in two subjects he obtained a Ph.D degree through research on “Human resource Management in Higher Education”. He had been engaged in renowned institutions like Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Galsi Rabindra Nazrul College of Education, Shyamsundar College and Bikhashayan, Special B.Ed. College.

His art work in Bengali “Bindu Chhara Bisorgo” has been published as e-book from Bangladesh. Apart from poetry he is equally conversant in writing short stories, plays and articles. The art of translation is also his field of expertise.

He has been accoladed with numerous prestigious awards like Sahityangan Award, Ardhendu Kumar Memorable Award, Notun Alo Award & Kobitapakkhik – 500 Sammanana.

He has eight books in his credits till now. His literary works get frequently published in leading magazines and newspaper across Indian and Bangladesh,Belgium, Australia and America.

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