Charlie Jones

My Motherís Blood

My motherís blood flows like the Tigris,
My fatherís, the Euphrates,
And up those two unfathomed rivers
The Shatt al-Arab ferries.

Tick as Appropriate (Boxed In)

What is your ethnicity?
Choose a section, A to E, that best describes your ethnic group or background
And tick one box as appropriate.

Can you really get all that from just a tick?

My origin, my heritage, my cultural experience
Reduced to marks on a page?
What is my ethnicity?
The space provided isnít big enough.

The footprints of my ancestors donít fit into a square that size.
A single drop of their blood would spill beyond the borders of that box.
You canít squeeze my identity within those four straight lines,
Contain, confine, then classify a heart that drums so fervently it cracks the ribs.

How many times they tried to box us in before.

My ethnicity is the Shatt al-Arab.
My identity, the Tigris and Euphrates,
Wandering slowly through the world.

How many times they tried to box us in before.


Hello, Tsangs
Your order please?
Okay. Okay.
Two fish, two chip, two peas.
Forty minutes, maybe less.


Hello Jalali
Yeah what would you like?
Yeah. Yeah.
Chicken Malayan, extra spice
Is that all?
Delivery has to be
Ten pounds or more.
Onion bhajis yeah
Whatís the address?
Fourteen or forty?
About half an hour yeah.

I Am Like a Fruit Bowl

I am like a fruit bowl:
I, too, am made from fruits
Picked from off the branches
Of a tree with foreign roots.

In me lies a peach and berries
Small and dark in colour;
I am like a fruit bowl, yet
A fruit bowl like no other.

Like the kitchen fruit bowl,
I am ripening every day;
I could rearrange myself
And change whatís on display.

Always, though, the berries
I display for all to see,
For I am like a fruit bowl,
And all my fruit is sweet.

I am a twenty-four-year-old poet from Merseyside, UK, hoping to have more of my work published. Please find below in the body of the email six poems for submission to Kritya.

My poetry has been featured in print and online with Acumen, Orbis, The London Miscellany, The Caterpillar, The Journal, and Literature Wales, as well as several other magazines and journals. Being of mixed-race (paternally, white and English; maternally, Jewish, Indian, and Middle Eastern) has had a large influence on my work.



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