A Poem by Hilal KARAHAN

My night is above eternal time

strengthens the night

Time shakes its cocoon
the intellect and the blasphemy
of the silk get unstitched

Time: clever anger,
foaming cascade
of things

reads the soul
on womb’s book rest

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A  Poem by  Franco Barbato


A man and his shadow
A shadow without eyes
Eyes to pocket
Lonely road
Heading to the soul
A mountain
Waiting for me
The man
Looks at me
I break
The mirrors
He is still in his corner
The shadow is me
A stain
About the
Of the
On fire
That dreams to me
Or invent me about
A blank sheet
My nature
It is of letters
And veins
They are rivers
That come down
That open
Like roads
About the life that barks at me
About the death that awaits me.

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A Poem by Hannie Rouweler

Feel yourself at home

I borrowed this line. That's okay because
if you borrow something from someone
you also have something to lend to others.

Feeling at home. I know how important it is
returning to the same place
if you've been away for a long time.

Yet I have taught myself
to bind myself as soon as possible
to a new environment.

It helps if your living environment
owns something
of an original form.

It helps for me
when I see a tree and flat land
a horizon depicted behind the forest.

It helps for me
when I see hunting white clouds
above abandoned fields.

(for Hadaa Sendoo)

(Poem in three parts by Hannie Rouweler )

A Poem by  by Mintul Hazarika

Poem for Field

My father lives under sun- rain-wind
His blood grows our breaths
Only for thy sake

We tie you tangled hair
Braid green-golden and a ball
My father's blood turns white for these colours
Our future we ken and paint ourselves in that mirror white

We live till Puthimari be no sea
We live till copper eyes not hung on the sky
For thy sake, O' our field
We're fed twice
If you keep well
Unless we remain hungry beggars

( Puthimari : It is a tributary of the Brahmaputra river in Assam.)

Original Assamese poem Translated by Manash jyoti sarma.

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A Poem by  Aditya Shukla

(Prose Poem)

After all these busy and struggling days finally came a feeling of relaxation. No, it doesn't imply I have won my case yet, on the contrary, I am still struggling and am most likely to lose. I am so relaxed and delighted when I receive your slightest bit of attention. I have written you many words that are just roaming around in the air waiting to be heard by you. I whistled them into air. Only you can hear them, not a single soul should reach them, not a single soul in the entire universe! And those words are knitted carefully like a lovely woman knits winter pullovers for a newborn baby. Oh those small and cute red pullovers, how much they still delight me! You are a newborn child in my heart and my heart trembles with your kicks like the strings of a violin. I am smiling, not because I have you in my arms which is neither certain nor important but only because I can in this moment, for a while. These happy moments arrive from heaven to me in my solitude every now and then and I long to cling to them like a child long to cling to his mother all the time. I must have been a nagging child, I must confirm this from my mother later. When these moments pass and struggle comes back to dishevel my hair and clothes, I must remember I had these moments and they shall recur however after a long interval. For now I bid you farewell.

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A Poem by  Sakib Jamal

Mirror Challenge

Have the courage? Hey young man,
Will do a little mirror challenge!
If, let's face it.
In this trial, 'conscience' is the judge.

Hold on to your imagination.
In front of the mirror - open the insights.
Feeling neutral, forgetting egotism.
Raising humanity above all else.

What a reflection you see young people?
The human or animal form?

If you are a human form
You are welcomed by the nation
Otherwise, I wish- this mirror challenge
Let fix you today.

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