None can close the night’s door

She sews with fire the judgment
the days rip from her bosom

Shahmaran, who swallows her tail

Darkness closing her door,
is supported by her own order

extended rope
around the universe’s neck

Moon rises above the night’s bones

Fire has no days
crescent covers her skirt with night

Copper sickle avidly reaps
the neck before her and has no mercy

What can rage veil
when dawn
scratches your face?

Crescent is a dagger
with silent larynx

Night can’t be accused
of the shadow’s curse

We think when the night is silent

Merciful is the night,
fixing ice skating stars
to trees’ hair

Buttoning the day’s collar
looking tired at the morning

She knows who put on her breath
the sandalwood and amber
smelling reality

At night
everyone believes
his intuitions

Dr. Hilal KARAHAN: Turkish poetess, writer, translator, mother and medical doctor (1977, Gaziantep/Turkey). She has been writing since 2000. She has 6 poem, 3 prose books and many selected poetry books published in different languages. She has joined to many international collective books, bilingual poetry almanacs. Since she is intercontinental director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) organisation, she is in organisation comittee of many international poetry festivals. She is recently a member of Turkish PEN, Turkish Authors Association and Turkish Language Society. She is General Secretary of Writers Capital Foundation (WCP) and Turkish Ambassodor of World Institute of Peace (WIP) which are all linked to UNESCO. She organizes International Feminİstanbul Women’s Poetry Festival every year. She has many national and international poetry awards. Since 2017, she is a member of publishing council of international bilingual poetry magazines of Absent, Rosetta Word Literatura and Sahitya Anand. Communication: hilalkarahan108@gmail.com, hilalkarahan@yahoo.com, www.hilalkarahan.com


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