Sakib Jamal


Again and again, I see the moon blooming on the sky,
Love can't be hidden when it is bloomed-
Althoug you try to hide as much as you can!
Like moon, you bloom- let the world see!
Let the world see-
Your beauty
Let the world feel-
Your light

There is none to dislike the Moonflower.

Sadness is my long-time lover

Happiness makes the breakup over and over,
Sadness is my long-time lover!
When we learned to understand-
Like the red fairy, the blue fairy, with disguising-
Happiness comes and goes!
But Sadness is only there -
Always on the way - as like a shadow, life entire!
Sadness is my long-time lover.

There is no power over love!

There is no power over love!
This power has created this earth alive.
This power has created this human life.
This power builds or destroys all relationships
Increasing or decreasing distance between mind, it keeps.
In science, in philosophy, in psychology-
In all considerations
The increase of this power
Means the increase of beauty much more
Both on this earth and in this human life in core.
On oath, on this earth,
There is no power over love.
On oath, in this human life,
There is no power over love.


Does Nyctanthes know

At the end of night, Alas!
The end of her life:
Just lay on snowed grass!

But, She properly blooms
Any passer-by, If...
Shakes her beauty to love,
And takes her lovely leaf.

Sakib Jamal is a Bangladeshi Poet.



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