Poems  by  Hussein Habasch (AFRIN/ KURDISTAN)

Translated by Muna Zinati

Five women in black scarves

Five women in black scarves
Lined up in front of missing people’s desk!

The first said
I am looking for my husband‘s name
Missing two years ago.

The second said
I am looking for my son’s name
Missing five years ago.

The third said
I am looking for my father’s name
Missing four years ago.

The fourth said
I am looking for my sweetheart’s name
Missing three years ago.

The fifth said
I am looking for my country‘s name
Missing hundreds of years ago!

The five women came out of the line
Crumbled on each other
As a tent, a horrible massacre happened upon it

And started the slapping and crying!

The Lazy Pupil

They told him
Draw the school
He drew an amusement park.

Draw the teacher
He drew a rose.

Draw the lake
He drew a swan.

Draw Autumn
He drew a green bud.

Draw the sky
He drew his father.

Draw the earth
He drew his mother.

All the time
The lazy pupil
Was drawing his heart.

Return The Favor

He had a house
Put its key in her hands
Take it he said
It’s your gift.

He had a horse
Put the saddle on its back
Come on and ride it, he said
It’s your gift.

He had a gun
Put it on her shoulder
Take it he said
It’s also your gift.

She took the house
The horse
The gun.
She loaded the gun well
And fired two bullets to his heart!


When the two lovers heard
The fighter’s planes roar,
They embraced.
When the sound approached more,
They embraced more.
When the bombing and destruction began,
They embraced strongly.
Now they keep embracing in eternity.


What is happiness, father?
It’s a bird forgot his feathers and wings in the desert, son!

What is life, father?
It’s a boiled egg we are in it, son!

What is human, father?
He is an acrobat’s dancer on the edge of the abyss, son!

What is isolation, father?
It’s isolate the soul from all the world’s aspects, son!

What is love, father?
They said it’s a healthy sickness, son!

What is future, father?
It’s a sun, only shine on the lucky ones, son!

What is tears, father?
It’s a rain, missed its way, son!

What is bravery, father?
It’s a ball of fire, rotates inside the heart, son!

What is pain, father?
It’s a shirt we put on, from our birth to our death, son!

Hussein Habasch: He is a poet from AFRIN/ KURDISTAN, lives in Bonn-Germany.
Born in 1970. He writes in Kurdish and Arabic. Some of his poems were translated to many
languages such as; English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, Albanian, Uzbek, Russian, Italian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Serbian and Romanian. A selection of his poems have been published in more than an international poetic anthology. He wrote these books: Drowning in Roses/ Azmina Publishing House, Amman, and Alwah Publishing House, Madrid 2002. Fugitives across Ivros River/ Sanabel Publishing House, Cairo 2004. Higher than Desire and more Delicious than the Gazelle's Flank/ Alwah Publishing House, Madrid 2007. Delusions to Salim Barakat/ Alzaman Publishing House, Damascus 2009. A flying Angel (Texts about Syrian children) Moment Publishing House, London 2013. A flying Angel (Texts about Syrian children) in English, Bogdani Publishing House 2015. No pasarán, in Spanish, the book published by the International Poetry Festival in Puerto Rico 2016. Copaci Cu Chef, in Romanian/ Ars Longa Publishing House, Bucharest 2017. Dos Árboles, in Spanish, the book published by the International Poetry Festival in El Salvador 2017. Tiempos de Guerra, in Spanish, the book published by the International Poetry Festival in Costa Rica 2017. Fever of Quince, in Kurdish/ Sersera Publishing House, Berlin 2019. Peace for Afrin, peace for Kurdistan, An international poetry anthology in English and Spanish/ Sersera Publishing House, Berlin 2019. The red Snow, in Chinese, published in Taiwan 2019.
Participated Festivals: He participated in many international festivals of poetry, for example: Medellin in Colombia, Granada in Nicaragua, France, Puerto Rico, Mexico city, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Morocco, Ecuador, El Salvador, Kosovo, Struga in Macedonia, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Chengdu in China, Taiwan, New York city.

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