Zingonia Zingone

From Songs of the Shulammite

Two seagulls dance
In a corner of the sky
Between rocks
And ocean

A sensual, constant movement

Like a hovering tango


I step on silent grass
For a word that envelops
Atom and Star

I catch it in a flower
Opening gently


A snowflake drops
Silently shelters
The jade of grass
The nudity of granite

It changes form
Flowing down
To emerge in the steam of time

Man clinging
To earthly joy
Loses himself

In the winter
The snowflake
Comes back to timeless life


If you want me
Leave it all and come to me

In my land
Your breath will blossom into new word
Your sturdy and vibrant body
Will be tree of my life

Free like that dream
You had in Eden
Strolling naked and fearless
Amidst a see-through crowd
Hero to all houris
And for all muses the only songster
Rid at last
Of Jealousy Kingdom
Where every man is
Plump red fruit of challenge

Touch me
And you will see
The night lighting
Constellations of fleeting angels


If I were truly free
I would roam forests, streets
Sleep on corners or weed
Eat leftovers

Like a bird
Branch to branch
Cloud to cloud,
Over the ruins of the earth
I would find course
In the wind

Today I walk
Bustling boulevards
With dazzling lights
Tables bumping on sidewalks
Gurgling beer
Grabs my throat

Scavengers inhabit
The solitary path I seek
Still a servant
Of another master


In India
Dogs are nomads
Pace the dusty
Chaotic streets
They know the way
To the end of all roads

A young Palestinian
Looking out of the bus window
«Where do dogs go?
Always hustling, dogs are»
He takes my hand
Shuts in the grip of dawn
A ruthless memory
Their empty glances
By dogs of hate
And mothers of his land
Torn from the good
That all alleys
Are blind

Born in London in 1971, Zingonia Zingone is a graduate in Economics, a poet, a novelist and a translator who writes in Spanish, Italian, French and English. Her poetry books are published in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Italy, France and India. Her most recent titles are: Los naufragios del desierto (Vaso Roto, 2013) and las tentaciones de la Luz (anamá, 2018). In English she has two books published in India: Acrobat of Oblivion (Poetrywala, 2011) and Light, the Temptation (Poetrywala, 2016) and her collected poems published in a bilingual edition in Colombia: El canto de la sulamita / Songs of the Shulammite (Uniediciones, 2019). Her translation works include Virus Alert by Marathi poet Hemant Divate (Alarma de Virus – Ediciones Espiral, 2012), award-winning Voces / Voci by Nicaraguan poet Claribel Alegría (Samuele Editore, 2016) and, by the same author, Amore senza fine (Edizioni Fili d’Aquilone, 2018).

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