Lina Zeron


I was a sun seed planted in the earth,
born of a water tornado,
amid star dust and a howl of colors.

I wanted to be born a butterfly,
an eagle
and to grow golden feathers,
but I was born a Fig tree with enormous roots
and I sprouted branches
and from the branches, leaves
and on the bark I grew eyes.

From the leaves emerged doves
and my red fingers cradled moans
and my hands fanned the darkness
and I tasted the apple of Eden.

I came to know the taste of blood
and my bones ached
and I learned to weep with my shadow
and to carry the cross of Mary’s fruit
but I also tasted the sacred nectar of the rose
and the lamb’s flesh
and I had virgin blood in my veins
and Adam’s fluid seeped between my legs.

My womb gave birth to purple butterflies
which I nourished with pure bee sap
and I became an Elm
to protect the fruits
and neither droughts
nor storms
tore my trunk from the earth.

Many springs sung with their winters,
the figs ripened and fell towards life
and this tree was forgotten
and bare were my branches

I was no longer Fig tree and Elm,
I grew wings
and in the feathers, colors
and in the colors, water
and I became swallow-fish.

My scales are wet with tears
and my wings are lifted by sighs
when I contemplate the fruits of my seeds.

I am happy to have been born a Fig tree,
to have become an Elm
and now to be swallow-fish
with no particular nest and without chains.


What will you do, love?
if I survive without you to the fury of the night,
and naked I cross between bullets
this minefield of memories,
If I discover a water tank of love in the desert
and in it do I drink and take away
the cravings that you deny me?

What will happen, love?
if my feet to follow your footprint rebel,
and my hands to chase leaves in the wind,
if I turn to the drizzle in deluge
and unbroken waves in a mild hurricane?

If I no longer look for your name
in the dream that disturbs me
nor your scent of violets while I sleep,
yes when testing the maturity of new seas
my lips are silent with tenderness,
and from so much love the seagulls become disoriented
that I do not mind that it spreads around the world
the secret that join us.

What would win?
With embroidering sunsets on the couch in your lap
trying to feed kisses hope
while I submit whirlwinds inside,
If I sold my face as a mirror in the market
and draw your image in my heart
So can this poem endure so much torment ?.

How to continue now
that absence is the only one that loves
in this frozen solitude of sighs.
If there are no more deserts or rain in my soul
and your memory is spilled darkness, my eyes ?.

Tell me love how to recover to you! ...
Maybe watering my skin on the roads
to be a corpse mixed with your bones.


Inside the soft cavity of my body,
you burn.
In the space where the night reigns,
you tremble.
In the shadows where the demented pray for mercy,
you kneel.
In the depth of the broken dream,
you appear.
In the name of the Teacher who came to save us,
you beg.

There, where oblivion arrives in ragged clothes,
you throb.
There, where your memory has no peace,
I exist.
There, where the bewildered soul binds one to another,
we lie together.
There, where I press my heart before the flood of tears shames me,
I don’t know you.
There, where the thinness of my silence questions you,
I forgive you.

Lina Zeron

Mexico City, 1959. Poet (19 books), narrator, (4 novels and 1 of accounts). Journalist and cultural promoter. His poetry has been translated into 14 languages and appears in more than 100 anthologies, magazines and newspapers around the world. She has received many awards both nationally and internationally, among others: national prize of poetry Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico 2016. Residence of autor for 3 months in Shanghai granted by the Society of Autor: Lina Zeronwriters of China 2013. Doctor Honoris Causa for the University of Tumbes Perú 2007. Woman of the Year 2002 for its poetic trajectory in the State of Mexico, medal Guerrero Águila by the Circle of Speakers of the City of México 2005.
She has been invited to poetry festivals in America, Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East and Asia. She is jury of poetry competitions, novels and accounts both at national level as international.



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