Rati Saxena

Becoming Timeless

Time has kept
Plenty of time for me
I became the master of time
Laughing for a moment
mocking for a moment
Crying for a moment
A moment for complaints
Time vanishes
In its own gap
I kept looking at the face of time
And happened to become
Timeless in no time


When all the ways
Are closed
Then bursts the fountains of fire
Sparks turn darkness
Into light

The Talk Without Sight

When you wanted to peep
Into my dark inner room
I presented you my very eyes
Then why did you hear
the talk without sight?

A Faithful Prayer

A deep love cannot take place
Within a faithful prayer
It is a sin to think about love
Within a prayer
But prayer within love!
Indeed that is the biggest virtue.


His sight started from
where his steps began
his steps wandered there
where his mind was
his mind remained there
where his steps and sight took him

Ways became so narrow that
all of them got stuck
mind, sight and steps

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