Theodora Ranelli

Theodora Ranelli believes there is a Universe between each digit and we will never! ever! ever! get to the door. she is enrolled at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington (in the USA). she edits a zine entitled 'Academia: Paradigm! Colon! Long Title!" and self-published a small chapbook. for inquiries about the zine, submissions, requests for copies, or just general chatter, please write to:
Theodora tends her relationship with language through letter writing, eavesdropping, and keeping her eyes open.

Don’t You Want Someone To Peel Off Your Bark?*

I can’t believe I asked you that. "Beelzebub tried to suppress his interest.“ I don’t have the time now,” he closed his eyes, “I have so much to do. I want to hear your answer when we have time.” Beelzebub and Lilith are in 5,4,3,2,1: ZERO PATIENCE! mode. Confined to the air, they must wait. The air – even when re-shaping Divinity- the air cannot hold the two of them together. Flight seems like volia, but creates many fences.

Later, I will have time for your soul.

Flying, I disconnect from those around me.

Tied to the atmosphere is being alone -- although I am connected to the universe, my spirit is not allowed to land.

I will tell you later. You understand now, but I can only tell you later.

We will understand each other more than most. Now, flying, we have to find this sacredness through the spaces
between language.

We both speak code, trying to find the actual message underneath.

Because what Beelzebub says between,
“Censor. Me too. Censor.”

And Lilith says, “I feel lonely in a crowd of friends.”

And “It’s not safe, as much as I – as much as I –”

“Me too. Censor.”

Beelzebub had asked Lilith if she had ever been with a man and enjoyed it
(no time to fully develop question or answer)

And if she talked to god? (yes) And does god talk back? (yes)

“You’re in my hall of fame. More than you know.”

* From Lumberjacks in Love, book by Fred Alley.

Avoid Double Entendres

Lilith dreams she is Jack from Lord of the Flies. Jack has an evil grin and large teeth. He is leader the member of a psychiatric ward in overthrowing the staph infections, which includes Beelzebub. How Bea got there, Lilith doesn’t know, but she doesn’t exactly want to be the lead bully, the power hungry pre-adolescent, who shows her, dreaming, that she must kill her Ba’al. Lilith tries to hold back, she loves the false god, the poet, hero, she thrashes and tries to escape the Jack taking over her body, stabbing Beelzebub over and over.

Jack moves on to other dreams, and Lilith rushes to the demon, crying and attempting to stop the blood. She kisses his cheek and smoothes his hair back as he dies a mortal death.

They shouldn’t call her a goddess, killing Satan’s emissary; spending too long in the psych ward so the voices started taking her – that is hardly women’s movement kosher.

Not to mention loving the demon with a thickness that made her stab the Lord of the Flies with power she received from him, thickness that spread as she shed tears over his human face and curly tail.

Part of the Solstice Vignettes OR
My Ode to Guys with Mandolins

#2. perception is a pair of knitting
needles — you can blind others
without noticing there’s a big
stick in front of your face

that was one of the things they
said about perception
it all breaks down into
a bunch of individual
coils and spirals
from energy

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