Kamal Abdul Nasir

A double MA in English Literature and Mass Com., Kamal has published a book of poetry "Jottings".
His poems have been published in anthologies in Canada and US. He has lived in Canada for 10 years and now teaches media in India.

Think pink


A Word

Think of a word
Make it flesh
With the colors of our eyes
We need a word
To write a tale
Between the lines of rain


"Bare it all"
A voice echoed in the rocky valley.
Silence of the trees answered.
"Leaf by every green leaf"

"Its time to wear me"
"Its springtime".
The voice touched
The lips of the dew-drunk leaves in the forest.


On an evening when the sun sets by
I yearn to catch something from the rye

Lying at ease in a shady grove
Gods were inspiring me to prove

That life is like a poem a poet thinks
Beautifies it, charms and then pinks

Adds colors to it as much as he can
Makes changes, adds, omits and then

When glances he for the last time
It turns out to be an ok kinda rime


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