Laljee Verma

Laljee Verma is a well known poet of Hindi, and has also written poems in English. Author of five published books- three of Hindi poetr, one of English poetry, and one full length play in Hindi. An activist on Environmental Issues. Has finished writing a book - "Managing Healthcare Waste- A Practical Approach" which is in the press now. A man of varied interest- mountaineer, paratroope, and trained in jungle survival and counter insurgency. Served with the Indian Air Force for about four decades, and retired from the top position of Director General of Medical Services in the rank of Air Marshal in August 2002

A Birthday Song

The blue sky smiled
Left a bit of it in your eyes
The oceans charmed
A laughter on your lips.

Million fireflies lit the bush
Whenever you smiled.
The spots on moon may have been defined,
The dimple on your cheek
Is yet to be known.

Beauty on your face
The dimple on your cheek
Curly tender lips
Joyful countenance on your face
Do remind me that
Life exists on earth
My faith on God
Gets redeemed.

In moments of despair
I will remember you,
Your face and that
Eternal smile,
And get out of the cobweb
Which arrests me.

Shagun, I wish you
A joyful birthday
The world be yours
So be the sky,
The stars and the moon.

May you relish today and tomorrow
And every morning thereafter.
Countless return of the day
May you have a wonderful way
Full of joy, joy and joy.

The Dimensions

Hurled a star in the sky
Climbed the moon, and went by
Looked at the earth,
Continents and oceans
Went in search of dimensions.
More we discovered more we found
Farther but remained the final frontiers.

The last scroll

Who are you?
A shadow in my conscious
Or a dark formless painting
In the blind alleys of subconscious?

I wonder how I preserve you
How darkness can discern darkness?

In the visuals of mundane day
I hardly see you
But I see you
When the vision get gets blurred,
By the echoes my ears perceive.

I know you have given us everything,
The universe, the sky and the earth
It is only that we have failed,
Failed to redeem the pledge.

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