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Bio data of International Poets.



 Anna Lombardo (Italy).
Poet, teacher, translator and editor of the cultural magazine Le Voci della Luna, lives in Venice, where she graduated in English literature. She is currently doing her PhD at the Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland) in Gender Studies. Poetry publications in English and Italian: Even the Fish are Drunk / Anche I pesci sono ubriachi, Marimbo editor, Berkeley (CA), 2002; The something that's missing , Le Voci della Luna editor, Sasso Marconi (BO), 2009. Poetry edition in Italian and Spanish: Nessun Alibi / Ninguna Coartada Edizioni Universitarie, Venice, 2004. Other crital works: La scrittura esiliata (The exiled writing), Venice, 2006; The concept of Threhold in Jack Hirschman's poem "Endless treshold", in American Studies, Mozzanti editori, Venice, 2008; The translation and Joyce Lussu in Quaderni su Joyce Lussu, Bologna, 2007. Has attended various international poetry festivals, among which: Santiago, Cuba, 2004, International Poetry Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2007-2009, Poets from the world, International meeting, Senigallia (Italy) 2008; International Poetry Festival "Al-Marbid", Basra-Baghdad, Iraq, 2010, "Kritya, Nagpur, India 2011 and "La Mar de Letras" Cartagena, Spain, 2011.

-Ataol Behramoglu-
(Turkey) graduated from the University of Ankara, Department of Russian Language and Literature in 1966. In 1970 he published his second book of verse One Day Definitely. Reprinted many times until today, this collection of poems was well received as a synthesis of the poetic tradition of Nazim Hikmet (1902-1963) with elements of symbolism and surrealism. Between November 1972 and June 1974 he worked as a research assistant at Moscow State University Faculty of Russian Philology, Chair of Russian and Soviet Literature. His third book of poetry called Poems of the Road, Longing, Courage and Struggle was published in Turkey in 1974. With the return of democracy in Turkey he went back to his country and worked as a dramaturge at the Istanbul Municipal Theatre. At the time of the 70's other collections of poems came out: Neither Rain..Nor Poems (1976), During the Siege (1978), The Epic of Moustapha Suphi (1979), Quatrains (1980). Was arrested in March 1982 along with the other executive committee members of the Turkish Peace Association. Was kept under atrocious conditions in Maltepe Military Prison until November 1982, when they have conditionally been released. He was awarded the Lotus Prize by the Afro-Asian Writers Union in 1982. On November 1983, at the session of the Turkish peace Association Trial that he did not attend, he was sentenced to 8 years hard labor followed by 32 months internal exile. He had to leave his country. In 1984 he began in Paris to participate in the work of Sorbonne's National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, at the Center for Comparative Poetry. Represented Turkey in the International Poetry Festival organized in Rotterdam. He published his collected poems in three volumes (1991-1992), continuously reedited. Be Happy Nazım, a musical on the last period of life of Nazım Hikmet (Translated commented and prepared for the scene by A. Behramoğlu at the base of memories n. Hikmet's widow Vera Tulyakovs and the poems of N. Hikmet) was performed several times in Turkey and abroad. (1992) Lozan, a documentary musical, commenting the historical events in Lozan afterwards the Independence War of Turkey was performed by the Turkish state Theatre in Antalya and in Istanbul (1993). He worked as the president of Turkish Writers Syndicate between 1995- 1999, and still in the literary and political critic at the cadre of daily Cumhuriyet since 1995. His poems are widely translated and published in several foreign languages. In 2003 he was awarded "The Great Prize of Poetry 2003" by Turkish International P.E.N.

Amir Or (Israel).
Author of 9 volumes of poetry. His latest publications in Hebrew were The Museum of Time (2007) and Heart Beast (2010). His poems have been translated into more than 40 languages and published in anthologies, poetry journals and in 10 books in Europe and the U.S. He has published 6 books in English. His collections have also been published in Polish, Romanian, Arabic and Macedonian. He has translated into Hebrew 8 relevant prose and poetry books.
Or is the 2000th recipient of the Pleiades honor for having made "a significant contribution to modern world poetry". He has won the Bernstein Prize, the Fulbright Award for Writers, the Levi Eshkol Prime Minister's Poetry Prize, and the Oeneumi literary prize of the Tetovo International Poetry Festival (2010). He has also been awarded fellowships of Iowa University, the Centre of Jewish Studies Oxford, the Literarische Colloquium Berlin, the Heinrich Boll Foundation Ireland, and Hawthornden Castle Scotland, among others. For his translations from ancient Greek he was awarded the Culture Minister Prize. He has taught poetry and gave creative writing workshops at Helicon Poetry School as well as in universities in Israel, Japan the U.S. and Europe. He has published numerous essays on poetry, classic studies, and comparative religion. He co-founded Helicon in 1990 and since then initiated and developed its various projects including Helicon's poetry journal and its series of poetry books, the Sha'ar" International Poetry Festival, and the Helicon Poetry School. He has served as Helicon's Chief Editor and Artistic Dirctor, as national editor of Atlas poetry magazine and as national coordinator for the UN sponsored UPC venture "Poets for Peace".

Bengt Berg (Sweden).
Born and raised in Torsby, Sweden, in the forest and lake province of Varmland, near the Norwegian border and the 60th parallel, where he also lives and works. Since 1990 Bengt Berg has operated the publishing house Heidruns Forlag, which has published 135 works -novels, books of poetry and art, translations of other works and reference books. He also owns Heidruns Book and Art Cafe in his hometown, which provides art exhibitions, cultural programs.
Bengt Berg made his debut in 1974 with the poetry collection Where the Dream Ends, and has written more than 30 books, mostly poetry. Poems by Bengt Berg have been translated into Nordic languages as well as Arabian, Hebrew, English, German, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Vietnamese and Hindi.
One book is about India, I Indialand, a travel/poetry book (together with Indian Photographer Madhu Kapparat)

Davide Rondoni (Italy).
Born in 1964, is one of prominent voices of the new Italian poetry. He received his degree in Italian literature from the University of Bologna, where he is the director of the Centre for Contemporary Poetry as well as editor of the literature magazine Il ClanDestino (The ClanDestine). Rondoni has published several books including Il bar del tempo (The Bar of Time, 1999) and Non sei morto, amore (You are not dead, love, 2001). His volume of poetry Il bar del tempo has won several literary prizes. Among his most recent collections of poetry: Avrebbe amato chiunque (He Would Have Loved Anyone, 2003), Apocalisse Amore (Apocalypse Love, 2008). Together with Franco Loi, he edited the anthology Il pensiero dominante: Antologia della Poesia italiana 1970-2000 (The Dominant Thought, Anthology of Italian Poetry 1970-2000). His work has appeared in various anthologies and magazines in Italy and abroad. In addition, he writes fiction and theatrical pieces and has translated Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Peguy, Gibran, T.S. Eliot and Dickinson. He has also edited an anthology of Giacomo Leopardi's writings, as well as a poetic version of the Psalms. He organizes important literary events and television programs. His poems have been translated in Russia, the United States, England, Spain and Latin America.

Dennis Nurkse--
is the author of ten books of poetry, including A NIGHT IN BROOKLYN (forthcoming), THE BORDER KINGDOM, BURNT ISLAND, and THE FALL, published by Alfred Knopf, New York. He received two U.S. National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, the Whiting Writers Award, a Guggenheim fellowship, a Literature Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and other awards. His book VOICES OVER WATER was shortlisted for the 2011 Forward Prize for best poetry book published in the UK. His poetry has appeared in periodicals including The Times Literary Supplement (London), The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Poetry Ireland, Poetry London, Poetry (Chicago) and The New York Times. His work has been translated into Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Estonian, and other languages. He teaches poetry at Sarah Lawrence College."

-Francoise Roy (Canada). Translator, poet and prose writer, Francoise Roy was born in Quebec in 1959. She has a Master's degree in Geography with a Certificate in Latin American Studies, as well as a Certificate in Translation from English to Spanish. Among the awards she has won are the following: National Literary Translation Award in Poetry (INBA, Mexico, 1997); Jacqueline Dery-Mochon Award, for her novel Si tu traversais le seuil (Linstant meme, Quebec City, 2005); Alonso Vidal National Poetry Award (Sonora, Mexico, 2007), Ditet e Naimit International Poetry Award (Tetovo, Macedonia, 2008), third place of the Timon de Oro National Contest in Poetry (Toluca, Mexico, 2010), Grand International Poetry Award of the Orient-Occident Academy (Curtea de Arges, Rumania, 2011). She has published one novel in Spanish and one in French, one book of short stories, one plaquette and ten books of poems, mostly in Spanish, four of them being bilingual (Spanish-French). She was granted in 2005 and in 2007 the Scholarship for Creative Work in Literature by the Jalisco Ministry of Culture, and in 2007, she was a resident artist at the Banff International Literary Translation Center at the Banff Centre for the Arts, in Alberta, Canada. She was twice (in 2009 and 2010) a finalist of the Radio Canada Literary contests. In 2009, she was an artist in residence in Argentina on behalf of the Mexican National Art Council. She has translated more than fifty books, mostly in poetry. She has been living in Guadalajara, Mexico, since 1992.

Francisco X. Alarcon (Mexico/USA). Chicano poet and educator, was born in Los Angeles, California. He is the author of ten volumes of poetry. His book of bilingual poetry for children, Animal Poems of the Iguazu / Animalario del Iguazu (Children's Book Press 2008), was selected as a Notable Book for a Global Society by the International Reading Association, and as an Americas Awards Commended Title by the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs. His bilingual book titled Poems to Dream Together / Poemas para sonar juntos, was published by Lee & Low Books, New York in Spring 2005, and was awarded the 2006 Jane Addams Honor Book Award.
His bilingual book for children, Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems / Jitomates risuenos y otros poemas de primavera (Children's Book Press, 1997) was awarded the 1997 Pura Belpre Honor Award by the American Library Association and the National Parenting Publications Gold Medal. He also received the 2000 Pura Belpre Honor Award for his second book of bilingual poems for children, From the Bellybutton of the Moon and Other Summer Poems / Del ombligo de la luna y otros poemas de verano (Children's Book Press 1998), and the 2002 Pura Belpre Honor Award for his fourth book of bilingual poems for children, Iguanas in the Snow and Other Winter Poems / Iguanas en la nieve y otros poemas de invierno (Children's Book Press 2001). He has published another book for children, Angels Ride Bikes and Other Fall Poems / Los angeles andan en bicicleta y otros poemas de otono (Children's Book Press 1999).
UC Davis Professor of Music Pablo Ortiz composed 13 songs based on Alarcon's bilingual children's poems and that were recorded in Mexico and released as Canciones del Ombligo de la Luna / Songs From the Belytbutton of the Moon under the auspices of grants from MEXUS and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2003. He was member of the Board of Directors of the Mission Cultural Center of San Francisco from 1986-1990, and served as its Board President from 1986-1989. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of Children Book Press from 1997 to 2003. This is a nonprofit press that has published multicultural books for children for more than 25 years in San Francisco, California. He is co-founder of Los Escritores del Nuevo Sol (Writers of the New Sun), a collective of poets and writers based in Sacramento, California.
Francisco has been a recipient of the Danforth and Fulbright fellowships, and has been awarded several literary prizes, He was one of the three finalists nominated for the state Poet Laureate of California in 2005 and has been selected again as a finalist for Poet Laureate on June 2008.

Francesca Cricelli (Brazil). Francesca Cricelli (Brazil).
Poet, researcher, translator/interpreter, actress. Francesca was born in Brazil and grew up in Italy, Malaysia, Spain, India and Mexico. She returned to her homeland in 2005 after fifteen years of globetrotting. A bachelor in Communications from the University of Florence (Italy) and she has concluded her MAs at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) this year. The love for poetry is deep rooted in her life from her first public readings and studies which begun in Malaysia during her adolescence. She is the cofounder of OSNAUTICOS a group of poetic research and performance established in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Francesca has written and performed in plays and in different poetic readings in prestigious cultural centers in Brazil such as Casa das Rosas, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Casa Guilherme de Almeida and SESC and has also taken part in festivals such as Rifrazioni (Italy), AmoBologna Poesia Festival (Italy), Parco Poesia (Italy), Atelier delle Arti (Italy), Transfusoes (Brazil). She has received a special mention for the poem "The Soul Keeper" in 2010 in the NOSSIDE International Poetry Prize sponsored by Unesco. She's now the delegate of the prize in the state of Sao Paulo. Francesca is currently working on her first poetry book which will include her writing both in Portuguese and Italian as well as unpublished translations of contemporary Brazilian poets to be published next year in Italy.

Gabriel Rosenstock (Ireland).  is the author/translator of over 150 books., mostly in Irish (Gaelic) He taught haiku at the Schule für Dichtung (Poetry Academy) in Vienna. Among his awards is the Tamgha I Kidmat medal for services to literature. He has translated into Irish, among others, Francisco X. Alarcon, Seamus Heaney, Rabindranath Tagore, Gunter Grass, W M Roggeman, Said, Zhang Ye, Michele Ranchetti, Michael Augustin, Peter Huchel, Georg Trakl, Georg Heym, Hansjorg. Schertenleib, Hilde Domin, Johann P. Tammen, Munir Niazi, Ko Un, Gunter Kunert, Iqbal, Michael Kruger, Kristiina Ehin, Nikola Madzirov, Agnar Artuvertin, Walter Helmut Fritz, K. Satchidanandan and Matthias Politycki.
His vast output includes plays, work for TV, novels and short stories, children's literature in prose and verse, including Irish versions of such classics as The Gruffalo. Among the anthologies in which he is represented is Best European Fiction 2012 (Dalkey Archive Press, USA). Two books on haiku as a way of life, Haiku Enlightenment and Haiku, the Gentle Art of Disappearing from Cambridge Scholars Publishing are available from Amazon. Uttering Her Name (Salmon Poetry) is his debut volume of poems in English: "It has a strong feel of some of the great bhakti poetry, like that of Mirabai." ( Poetry Chaikhana, Sacred Poetry from Around the World).

Hanane Aad (Lebanon).
Professionally, the poetess Hanane Aad wears the three-cornered hat of information, incorporating print media, television and radio. She has published 4 books, 3 of which were collections of poetry: 2005: lou'lou alrouh aala sahwat alkima (Pearl of the Soul Riding Value'), 1999: kama habbat Al hinta ('Like a Grain of Wheat'), 1992 sada Al hanin ('The Echo of Nostalgia'), 2001 hiwar alsakafat wa ichk Al lougha ('Dialogue of the Cultures and Love of the Language'). She has translated a series of literary profiles from French into Arabic, in particular for the French Magazine littraire. She won the International Award for Excellence in Journalism of the International Catholic Union of the Press in 2001. She won the Prize of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture in 2000. She gave readings of her poetry in Paris in 2000, in Berlin and Munich in 2006, and at the festival of Curtea de Arges in Romania in 2008.


- Wolsan, Kidong Kim (Korea).
Born in 1938. Poet and essayist. He has published more than two hundred and fifty books on religious and spiritual themes in Korea, literary essays such as The mountain with stories and In my life, and poetry. Among the latter, there are The beautiful flower in my heart and The way of my life traveled like a gust of wind. He won various literary awards including the 2010 literary grand prix of Korea by Hankook Daily. He is a member of P.E.N International and the Association of the Writers of Korea; first vice president of the Association of Korean literary essayists; Honorary Rector of the Berea International Theological University; and the honorary member of the Directive Council of Harris Manchester College of Oxford University, UK. He was invited in a number of Poetry festivals around the world.

Leon Felix Batista (Dominican Republic).
Has published six poetry books: El Oscuro Semejante (1989), Negro Eterno (1997), Vicio (1999), Burdel Nirvana (2001, "Casa de Teatro" National Poetry Prize), Mosaico Fluido (2006, "Emilio Prud'Homme" National Poetry Prize) and Pseudolibro (2008, "Universidad Central del Este" National Poetry Prize). He has also published Se borra si es leido, poesia 1989-99 (2000); Cronico (Tse-Tse, BsAs, 2000); Prosa del que est' en la esfera (Tse-Tse, BsAs, 2006, Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, 2007); Inflamable (La Propia, Montevideo, 2009) and Delirium semen (Aldus, Mexico, 2010).

Menna Elfyn (UK).
Welsh poet, playwright, columnist, and editor who writes with passion of the Welsh and identity. She has published ten volumes of poetry and a dozen more of children's books and anthologies. She has also written eight plays for stage, six radio plays for BBC, two plays for television as well as writing documentaries for television. Her latest publication is Perffaith Nam/Perfect Blemish, (Bloodaxe Books, 2007), and In Person, Bloodaxe Books, one of 30 poets chosen from around the world by the publisher in 2008 as one of their most successful poets. She also co-edited the Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry. She has won numerous prizes for her work, the most recent of which is a Creative Arts prize to write a book on Sleep. When Menna issued her bilingual selected poems Eucalyptus, (Gwasg Gomer 1995), Tony Conran described her as "the first Welsh poet in 1500 years to have her work known outside Wales". Her second bilingual volume, Cell Angel (1996), was hailed by the same critic as the most significant collection of Welsh poetry for 40 years. Her most recent collection is a more contemplative volume whose paradoxical title Perffaith Nam/Perfect Blemish (2005) suggests an exploration of imperfection, both within language and within oneself, and the search for completion through the intricacies of writing. Menna Elfyn has travelled the world as poet and teacher and is much in demand; every year, her work takes her to other countries such as the Philippines, Zimbabwe, the Middle East as well as the US. Her work has been translated into eighteen languages including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Lithuanian. She is Writing Director of Masters Program in Creative Writing at Trinity University College, Carmarthen and a Literary Fellow at Swansea University. Menna lives in Llandysul, and her daughter, Fflur Dafydd, is a successful writer and musician.

Odveig Klyve (Norway).
Writer, translator, and film director. She has published eight poetry collections and eight children's books. Her poetry is translated into several languages. She has also translated the work of Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, Palestinian poet Fadwa Tuqan and English poet Sarah Maguire. She has written and directed short films presented at international festivals in Europe, USA and India. She now lives in Stavanger at the west coast of Norway.

 Peter Waugh (UK).
Born pin Barnet, lives in Vienna since 1981, where he works as a freelance translator and English teacher. Co-founder of Labyrinth and co-editor of Subdream, the Vienna Journal of English Language Poetry, publisher of Labyrinth poetry books. Studied with Allen Ginsberg, Ann Waldman, Jackson Mac Low, Ed Sanders, Andrew Schelling, Blixa Bargeld, Andrei Bitov, Henri Chopin and others. Has organized and participated in numerous readings in Vienna and Austria, including appearances with the groups Dunkler Sand and the Karl Sayer Jazz Sextet and the Erste Wiener Lesetheater. His poetry has appeared in anthologies and magazines in England, the U.S.A., Austria, Slovakia, Macedonia and Croatia, as well as in the chapbooks Horiz
London in on Firelight (2000) and Haiku Butterfly Death Dream (2002). Verse translations include the bilingual German-English volumes Terminal by Klara Kottner-Benigni and Standpoints by Edith Sommer.

Raquel Lanseros (Spain).
Born in Jerez de la Frontera, in 1973, she is one of the most awarded and recognized voices okf the new Spanish poetry.
Poetry books published: Legends Promontory (Ayto Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, 2005), Diary of a flash (Editorial Rialp, Adonais Collection, Madrid, 2006), Red Wattle (Ediciones Tres Fronteras, Murcia, 2008), Eyes mist (Editorial Visor, Madrid, 2008) and Croniria (Hyperion Publishing, Madrid, 2009).
She has received several awards, among which: the Poetry Prize Unicaja, a Second Prize Award and the Premio Adonais Antonio Machado in Baeza. Her work has been included in numerous anthologies, the last one, Poetry to the uncertainty, anthology of new poets in Spanish (Editorial Visor, Madrid, 2011). Her poems have been published in Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Sayumi Kamakura -
( Japan) She was born in Japan, 1953. Began composing haiku in her twenties. In 1998 she established the haiku magazine Ginyu with Ban'ya Natsuishi, and has been its Editor. Has attended haiku or poetry festivals held in Japan, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Estonia, Inner Mongolia, Lithuania, Hungary. In 2001, she won the Modern Haiku Association Prize. Her haiku collections include: Jun (Moisture, 1984), Mizu no Jujika (Water Cross, 1987), Kamakura Sayumi Kushu (Haiku of Sayumi Kamakura, 1998), Hashireba haru (Run to Spring, 2001), Umi wa La la la (La la la the sea, 2011). She co-authored Gendai Haiku Panorama (1994), Gendai Haiku Shusei Zen 1 Kan (Contemporary Haiku Anthology in One Volume, 1996), etc. Published in both Japanese and English are A Singing Blue (2000), and A Crown of Roses (2007). Her haiku has been translated into English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Korean, Mongolian, Romanian, Serbian and Estonian. She is the Treasurer of the World Haiku Association. Judge of the Haiku section of Japanese daily newspaper of The Asahi Shimbun's Saitama culture.

Samil Yang (Korea).
Born in 1961. President of the Asia-Iberoamerica Cultural Foundation. He got his bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Literature from University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, Ph.D. in Theology and Master in Theology. Essayist, Critic of Latin American culture, University professor, Journalist, Translator and Interpreter.




-Zingonia Zingone (Italy).z
Poet, novelist and translator, writes in Spanish and Italian. Brought up between Italy and Costa Rica, graduated in Economics, worked in banking and agriculture in Italy and Central America. Currently lives in Rome.
Poetry editions: Mascara del delirio (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2006; Lietocolle, 2008), Cosmo-agonia (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2007), Tana Katana (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2009). Novel edited in Italian: Il velo (Elephanta Press, 2000).
Member of the Editorial Board of Kritya, A Journal of Poetry and advisor of Mediterranea, Intercontinental Festival of Literature and Arts for Latin American poetry.
Her poems have been published in numerous literary magazines and thematic anthologies. Has been translated into English, Chinese, Hindi, Kannada and Marathi.
Since 2007 she has participated to numerous International Poetry Festivals in Latin America, Italy and Asia.

-Bjorn Gulbrandsen (Norway).
Film producer/teacher at high school. Has worked on the films of Indian poets in Kritya2008 and in Kritya2010.





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