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Poetry in film

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. Distributors, naturally, are all of the opinion that poets don’t sell seats. They do not discern whence comes the very language of the cinema. Without poets, the vocabulary of the film would be far too limited ever to make a true appeal to the public. The equivalent of a babble of infants would not sell many seats. If the cinema had never been fashioned by poetry, it would have remained no more than a mechanical curiosity, occasionally on view like a stuffed whale."

-Orson Welles, from "Ribbon of Dreams"

Poetry is porous and facile in its seamless extension over many genres. Short films use the language and images of metaphor and metonymy much the same as poetry does. the festival will be giving a stage to poetry films an order to widen the space of poetry. There will be space for talented young poets-filmmakers to showcase their talent to an international audience Films based on poems, poems turned into films are welcome

Odveig Klyve Geopoeticon is a project creating visual poetry through posters and short films with international contemporary poetry crossing borders of language, politics and geography. Several of the short films in the Geopoeticon project have been screened at poetry and film festivals in Europe,US and India.

This programme contains films with poems from India, Irak, Yemen, Mexico, Kenya and Estonia.

Some of the films in this programme have been selected for The New York International Literary Film Festival, Sadho Film Fest, New Delhi , Kapittel Stavanger International Festival for Literature and Freedom of Speech,

Films and posters in Geopoeticon are produced by Odveig Klyve and Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.

Odveig Klyve (b. 1954) is a Norwegian filmdirector, poet and translator . She has written and directed short films, presented at international film festivals in Europe, USA and India. Her poetry is translated into several languages. She now lives in Stavanger at the west coast of Norway

Kari Klyve Gulbrandsen (b. 1980) is a Norwegian filmdirector, photographer and editor She has directed, photgraphed and edited several short and documentary films and has a Master on Documentary Film. She currently lives in Bergen at the west coast of Norway












Poetry is not iron 1:41

Can words be stronger than iron?
The indian poet Rati Saxena from Rajasthan now in Kerala,
asks this question while the day wakes up in an old city.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: Odveig Klyve.

Washing clothes 1:49

Washing clothes may creat its own language
Poem: Rati Saxena, India.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: Odveig Klyve.

The Moon in the Plate of Hunger 1:52

About making bread and dreams
Poem: Rati Saxena, India
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.

Embrace 2:30

Only love is able to break tortures circle.
Poem: Mansur Rajih from Yemen, now in exile in Norway.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

Immigrants 2:05

Going away. Going into the unknown
Poem: Aracelli Moncilla Zayas, Mexico.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

A Feather 2:36

About losing and searching for identity
Poem: Safaa Alwan, Irak, in exile in Norway.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

Loneliness 2:15

Being somewhere in between belonging and missing
Poem: Manal Al Sheikh, Irak, now in exile in Norway
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve











Song of Nagaland 1:43

Who will sing our songs tomorrow? Who will tell our tales?
Poem : Easterine Kire, Nagaland, now in exile in Norway
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

This Time 2:10

In the middle of the noise, on our way to and from, there is a now.
Poem : Philo Ikonya, Kenya, in exile in Norway
Director/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/photo/editing/producer: OdveigKlyve

Towards the market too 1:58

A market offers both loneliness and community
Poem : Kunwar Narain, India.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

Cycle 3:18

Has a human life and a life of a bicycle something in common?
Poem: Rati Saxena, India.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

Whoever wants 3:10

Whoever wants to carry the world, must carry his own heart too.
Poem :Margus Lattik, Estland.
Director/photo/editing: Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen.
Director/producer: OdveigKlyve

Gitanjali Rao - Gitanjali Rao graduated with honors as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, in 1994. She is a self taught animator, film maker and theatre artist. She has since, independently produced, directed and animated two award winning short films, 'Orange' and 'Printed Rainbow'.

'Printed Rainbow' premiered at Cannes 2006, Critic's Week, in Competition. It went on to win the three Awards for the Best Short film, at Cannes 2006.
It was also short listed in the last ten films for the Academy Awards in 2008, besides winning 25 International Awards and traveling to over a hundred international festivals.
She also has a string of very popular and award winning animated commercials to her credit and is currently represented by Acme Film Works, L.A.

Gitanjali also conducts workshops and presentations and has been in the jury at various International Film Festivals including the prestigious CANNES Critic's week jury for short films in 2011. She has been working on two feature length animation films and is currently pursuing her next short animation film.


'Printed Rainbow' describes the loneliness of an old woman and her cat, who escape into the fantastical world of match box covers.

Gitanjali painted the entire film frame by frame over three years as a labour of love dedicated to her mother and cat. The film went on to premier in Cannes in 2006 and won her the first set of laurels with three Awards for the Best Short film in Critic's Week, Cannes 2006. Then followed 22 international awards and screenings in over a hundred international festivals.


Orange' is a conversation between two friends, abut love and the loss of it.


'Blue' is a little girl's dream about exploring space, with her cat.

'Blue' was an exercise in story telling without using words.
It was created in the traditional style of progressive animation using colored pencils on colored paper.
It was made in the days were computers were not used too widely for animtion in  india.


Prasad Noornad-Film director ( Malayalam ) - A short film maker from kerala- Film on ONV Kurup'z long poem.

Kunjedathiye thanneyallo unnikere ishtam... an intense line that lingers in the mind of countless Malayalees, is part of the verse Kunjedathi, enlivened by poet Sri. ONV Kurup.

The small slice of life represented in the film has been given a visual language, in a screen time of thirty minutes, by Prasad Nooranadu, Programme Producer at Kairali TV. The film was previewed at Kalabhavan theatre in the presence of the poet.
Representing the sanctity and innocence of village life in Kerala, the narrative projects a poignant tale of Unni and his Kunjedathi"The film was simple and straight, conveying the mood very powerfully" said Sri. Kanayi Kunjiraman, the renowned sculptor from Trivandrum.

The kinship between Unni and his Kunjedathi forms the thread for the verse, which goes on to narrate a tragic tale. With allegorical statements, the poem hints at the miserable conditions of the family, and the circumstances that lead to the death of Kunjedathi.
The film carefully develops upon the thread, and gets supplemented by the visuals of a panoramic suburban village. The film provides adequate details of the events and conditions represented in the poem.

When asked about the inspiration, the director says, “This is a poem which has invariably captured the attention of all Malayalees. The support given by Sri. ONV Kurup gave the impetus to go forward with the project"

Actress Dimple Rose played the part of Kunjedathi and Aromal, son of actress Beena Antony enacted the role of Unni. Poojapura Radhakrishnan, Mavelikara Ramachandran and Manu Nair are the other people who were part of the cast. Anil Mughthala did the story and screenplay for the film, which was produced by Biju Kallumala, under the banner of SreeLekshmi Creations. Cinematography and Editing was done by Rajiv Vijay and Hashim respectively.


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