Hans D. Amadé Esperer

Home I Suddenly Found There

Once I lingered longer at the window
outside the summer undecided
floating in twilight ...
I lifted my eyes up over the hillside
there they ignited the gloomy clouds
a ravishing light overcame
everyday's dry gray:
The deeper I looked, the better I saw
your graceful image ascending sky high

Escaping the Opera

Remember standing with me in the dark, escaping?
Or did we drown in the wild currents of the music
of that show? You know, all
these big-shot's bigoted looks undressing you
skeletonizing me. Nudes they always like, for good
or worse, they tend to take each opera for real,
they always take for real what they want ...We left
before the story’s stony ghost appeared
and some olden onlooker would collapse
in need of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Questo è il fin di chi fa mal ... This time
we were off duty, only prone to each other’s loving
mouth, and yet, we couldn't tell the undercurrents
of a single cell involved in our heat exchanging fervor


Amadé Esperer studied linguistics, languages, philosophy and human medicine and worked for many years in the USA at Harvard University and MIT in Cambridge, USA. Since 2013 he has lived in Würzburg and Darmstadt (Germany) as a poet, essayist, translator and editor. He is a profound expert on modern German, Anglo-American, Italian and Hebrew poetry. He composes his poems in German, English, Italian and Hebrew. Esperer is Secretary General of the Società Dante Alighieri Comitato Wü, member of the German authors association. He is the founder of the Würzburg poetry society Lit Pro, the multilingual literary journal ARIEL and the e_zine ARIEL-ART. In 2018 he founded the Würzburg Jehuda Amichai Lyric Readings, which since then has taken place annually under his direction.
In 2017 he finalized for the Pegasus poetry award, and in 2019 was awarded the Simon Höchheimer Prize for the translation of Amichai's late work. In November 2020, he garnered a stipend from the German Translator Fund.
Esperer participated in broadcast features , translated and staged Shakespearean plays and published numerous poetry books, most recent: Between Jerusalem and Würzburg, Echter, Wü 2018, Jehuda Amichai. Gedichte, K&N, Wü 2018, Jehuda Amichai und die zeitgenössische Lyrik Israels, Poetin 27, Poetenladen Leipzig 2019, Die Bewohnbarkeit des Mondlichts, K&N Wü 2019, Es sei denn regenbogenwärts, Spurbuch Verlag Wü 2020, Im Auge lachen der Augenblick, Weiß Verlag Bamberg 2020. He is currently working with the Israeli poet Yitzhak Laor on a larger trilingual (Hebrew-English-German) poetry project.


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