A Poem by ZHANG Zhi [China]

The Mirror Image of Ghost City

Everything begins from mystery
And ends in mystery

Now, the Russian ashes
Has filled
The Gulag Archipelago
In the mirror

In 1996
A bookseller of Chongqing
Has photocopied
The Gulag Archipelago
From me
(Published by the Mass Publishing House in 1982
For restricted circulation
With printing number of 1000)
And has paid me
Six thousand yuan as remuneration
(Whether or not it has been published
There is no knowing)

Six thousand yuan twenty-two years ago
Is tantamount to one hundred thousand yuan
Which means
The great Russian writer
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Has presented me one hundred thousand yuan

I am still buried in the ghost city
Between the lines
Continue to search for the Gulag Archipelago

Coffin lids fill the capital
How many pates are to be cracked?

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ZHOU Duanzhuang


Another person
In the moon
Through the woods

Like a sailing boat
Hidden in the fog

The water about
Is running and babbling

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Between searching
For a strip of Azithromycin
Johnson bandaid

nursery rhymes
And chocolates,
Between Swimming classes
And Tennis coaching,
Between Christmas gifts
And Diwali diyas,
Origami crafts
And Lego towers,
In a blink,
How tall
My daughter grew!

(Poem in three parts by AMITA SANGHAVI  )

 Monika Ajay Kaul

"A Wait..!!"

Some unwritten books
long to speak their words.
An imaginary ink
on paper leaves that stays.
Few conversation
etched with the thoughts.. unspoken.

You walk away
from the story one day
and come back
the other day.
A legacy of feelings
without a title.

A reminisce
like a flower for a day,
Like an oceans' fleeting ebb and flow,
like an unseen star, dying.

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Abdel kadir Kechida

The holy grail

As a fugitive flock of sheep,
A group of people are running in the darkness of the night
Frightened.... on chased
They are following a flash of light that appear and disappear
They gather around her to disappear, each one of them after the other
Towards the island!! ..... ??
The Fear and the pain combine in darkness
To be a mixture of confusion
There is no time for the repositioning or the redeployment
Such treacherous blows can never be avoided
There on earth is on the edge of the contact between the two worlds
Skulls of ancient combatants and his remains
Buried horses shoes
And it is the purple earths that are clinging to you now
Her punches on your bodies’ mirrors that reflect a starry glamour
And the four spirits of the world are those who cling to you now
Its bruises on your bodies are mirrors that reflect a stellar luster
Sparks a massive fire in Bingham Palace
And the Frightening siren head monster
The alarm raises
It bears the features of a water nymph face
And something of the body of the Lord Christ...
He was the one who made children's voices
And he carries a flashlight
Report! Jailer!
My lord:
“There are thousands of maimed Are attacking
Your crystal castle"

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Hari Joshi

Sing On

What if it is a moonless night ,sing on ,
What if it is a bodily blight sing on .
The song may grant us a fresh lease of life ,
The stature of death is slight sing on .
The legs may be tied the hands under chains,
Don’t think of your pitiable plight sing on .
Your life is nothing but a game of chess ,
Do not give up the fight sing on .
The fall of flowers of leaves and trees ,
Consider these disturbances slight sing on .
Let nectar of the song be drunk by the world ,
The grief may be at its height sing on .


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Arijit Roy

Autumn of the heart

Love is spring of the heart
No matter
Even if you fall in love in winter
You will see, the world around you
Bloom to happiness
As everything seems livelier, pleasanter
Even enemies, even sorrow
But I , I am not
In love with love anymore
I am broken deep down; dejected
And tired of waiting for this inner spring
I have given my heart to autumn
That strips all down to bare truth

I wonder,
Is autumn too heartbroken?

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