Pornpen Hantrakool


ZHOU Duanzhuang


When I wake up
Sitting in the labyrinth

In the mirror mountains
And the moon
Slowly recede

Late Spring

At ripe old age my parents
Give birth to me, the dawn light
Illumines weariness
Makes them young

The eventual sea
Father is the helmsman

To escort us to the edge
Of a woods
The sky is white with heavy snow
Filled with
The sorrow of his name

The Moon Rises in the East

I walk in front of it
The trees to both sides
Keep a beautiful posture
Encircling youth and silence

The moon rises in the east, its shadow
I cannot see clearly but I see myself
The painful back shadow
Spreads like a mountain

On the edge of thorns and flowers
Flying birds sing in chorus, the bright moon
The cup filled with experience
Is lifted up by the shades of night

The sea of leaves and the waterfall of light
Will appear when the moon rises in the east
Rising sheer from level ground
Hanging in the glittering river

Its shadow sits in the boat
The green which refuses to spread in lifetime
Surges when the moon rises in the east
Through the paddy field which has been harvested

The vast chessboard under the boundless sky
The steed of poetry is galloping voicelessly

When Snow Stops

When snow stops, the air is moist
The woods is dark
Birds are freely flying atop the woods
Birdsí twitters travel here, their

Tender plume against the severe cold
When snow stops, at four in the afternoon
My cough is checked by such a miracle
Snow wafts into the marrow of consciousness

To be dancing and flying in the hurried breakfast
Now it disappears to be traceless
Only the great nature is flowing with pure air
The woods is fearless
Their inner temperament gives off fragrance
(Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong)

ZHOU Duanzhuang, an excellent poetess in contemporary China, and she now resides in Shanghai. She has ever worked in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. Her poems have been carried on The Star Poetry Periodical, Monthly of Poetry Newspaper, The Yangtze, Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly, Chinese Poetry, Yangzhou Poetry, etc., and she has won a host of prizes. Her important poems have been included into Classic Collection of Chinese Poetry and Painting in the Past One Hundred Years, One Hundred Young Poetesses in Contemporary China, Selected Short Lyrics by the End of the 20th Century, Poems by Poetesses of Yangzhou in the Past Dynasties, and Seven Plus One (Chinese-English-Italian), etc. In 1998 she was invited to attend the poetry activity in Russia. Some of her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Croatian, and Russian, etc.


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