Like the dawn
gently unhides all,

All the colors
of the rainbow
as I crystallize
my eyes
over my daughter’s
Sleeping face.
It enchants me.

Silent spaces
Between my fingers-
Where once
your little chubby fingers
Serenely entwined.
You no longer
Need to hold my hand,
Asserting independence,
You are on your way,
Brimming with pre-teen enthusiasm
And a newfound confidence.


My heartbeat
So subtle
So tip toe
So pink, so yellow,
As your fingers
slip into mine
Hold me firm.
My soul
into yours
Gives in,
I breathe,
And un-breathe
For you.
My child.


Mothering is like
Moment to moment,
Peeling away,
Poem after poem,
Oozing Love,
Fresh and juicy,
Sweet and tangy.

AMITA SANGHAVI teaches English at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat. She holds MA (Eng Lit )from Mumbai University, M.Phil and B.Ed. She is a Hornby Scholar Award recipient and pursued her MA from Lancaster University, UK. She has presented papers in Germany, Italy, Turkey, USA Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, UK, India, Japan.
Her first book of poems is LAVENDER MEMORIES AND OTHER POEMS 2018. She has co-edited her second book which is an Anthology of World Peaceathon poetry, published by World Poetry Publishing, Canada, that she has edited alongwith Ariadne Sawyer, Richard Doiron, Katherine Gordon, 2020.
She is the Ambassador of Poetry as honored by World Poetry, Canada
She is pronounced as the Representative of Poetry by The Art Movement Immagine&Poesia, Italy.
She has won the International Poetry Contest, Savona italy.
Her poetry is taught at BA, MA English courses, at Akaki Tsereteli state university, Georgia

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