Monika Ajay Kaul

"Let Me Remain a Poet..!!"

Let me remain a poet,
verses etched on my soul.

Artistry ebbing from
the corners of my heart.
wishing to soothe some nerves
with rythmic flow.

Let the words pirouette
as if enacting a waltz.
Blossoming love with
each wee sway.

Esse' ensuing like a freshet
tender, yet with a gush.
Playful and enigmatic
even so making its way.

Wish my odes be born
rather than framed,
to sing for themselves
and lover's delight.

I live with the truth that
Art oft shapes
when Artist's heart bleed,
of agony .. of amity.


"Life Finds a Way..!!"

Don't lose your smile, my dear..
The sun still rises and flowers bloom,
uncanny night ensues misread days.
That's how, life finds a way.

Don't let your laughs wane, my love..
The droplets dance on the wings of clouds.
Ah! hear the rain, not a single drop going astray.
And see, life finds a way.

Don't let your eyes lose the sheen, dear..
The horizon burns to see sky shine,
when east waits for the blazing sunray.
Just watch, life finds a way.

Don't let your tender heart change, lovely..
See, how the clement wind sways the harvest,
yet the earth footholds it without a pay.
And.. life finds a way.

Let no smiles be taken..
Life at each moment finds a way..
till time has a say.


"Calmness- Near Us"

As we looked for the Calm,
it was never distant from us..!

It resides in the silence of
a restoring breeze after
the raging storm of the day.
At times it resembles
pure and pristine blanket of snow
on a gloomy winter's day.
Resting in the ears of an infant;
silence sounds like
a soul of angel's lullaby.
Silence surrounds the night
when the stars don't shy
to freckle the vast sky..!!


"A Faraway Wonderland..!!"

Forever free,
never in a hutch ;
easy and blithesome
tender and tranquil.
A dreamy place where
life is close and sufferings afar.
Where worries and fear
are like the fleeting hour.
Rules are self driven
yet fair and square.

An idyllic world..
Lands protected,
homes sheltered.
Skies admired,
storms tamed.
Gods worshipped,
people prized.
Where pleasure and pain
are synonymous.
In this Faraway Wonderland.


Monika Ajay Kaul originally belongs to the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Having done her higher education in Business Management from Delhi University, she is an educationist in the same field.

Apart from this she follows her dream in the cosmos of Aesthetics. The multi-lingual writer not only writes poetry and short stories ; but is a painter as well. She is an avid reader as Literature and Aesthetic Studies remain her first love.

Her poetry and short stories are showcased in various prestigious Indian and International anthologies, e-zines and publishing hubs. She lives with her family in Delhi.


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