Abdel kadir Kechida


We had nothing but success.
Under the wheel of time everything remains smashed
And also the Eternity fails to describe a man like of me
How would you care if I forgot?
The "sheikh" visited me in a dream again
He was carries his stick, waving it towards the sky
He was saying:
Move the wheel of time
Extend your hands to me
Do not pay attention to them
He meant of me as well as the people of heaven

Abdel kadir Kechida, Algerian poet, writer, and translator born in M'sila (Algeria) in 1988 and received a college degree in Communication and Information Sciences and two other college degrees in Sociology (BA and MA) are in the process of obtaining a college degree high graduate (doctoral student in university of Bouira-Algeria).

He was worked a reporter independently, and his Scientific and literary research essays and contributions, to the distinctive cultural activities still in progress.
Actual writing poetry began six years ago and has since reaped the awards did not stop (the young poet of the year the 3rd Boao international poetry award china 2020, the best translator in the year of 2016 by IPTRC center in china, Naji Naaman International Prize for literary and cultural 2014 in Lebanon, and the University of M'sila Prize for Literature.
Some of his poetry works have been translated into foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French.
He is looking for appreciation, against contempt, and agrees with the encouragement, the glory for the Masters, and the life for youth. Now he lives in M'sila City with his wife zouina and his two sons zakaria and ayoub

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