Arijit Roy


We all are
But butterflies
In the garden of life
Full with colours
Flying together
Above every strife

Going from flower to flower
To find the nectar of joy
Which gives the soul magic such
No spell can destroy

And to leave some colour behind
On the hands that touch thus
To believe we were born to fly
Before the net catches us


Those unsaid words
And half felt emotions
Have come back
To haunt me today .
Thoughts lead to nothing
And the heart is free of love.
Words written, words rephrased
And lines cut, one after the other.
The poet searches on for the poem

Devoloping nation

I did not "realize"
poverty in this nation
even when I saw,
a child begging on the road
but I realized poverty the moment
I saw the same child
pushed to the ground
by a man in a car.

The car went ahead
they didn't even look behind.


Sometimes to survive
We will have to become Neelkanth
Sometimes to survive
We will have to drink
The venom of the world
Maybe because we are too good
Maybe because no one else would

But Neelkanth is not the one
Who just drinks the venom
Neelkanth is The One
Who stops the venom
From reaching the heart
Arrests it in the throat

To be Neelkanth
Is to find
The self in the world
And the world in the self
To be Neelkanth
is to be
the power that saves both

If we look closely, we will see
All those who manage to rise
Will surely have a blue throat.

5 August 1997
Arijit is a post graduate in English Literature from Delhi University.
He has founded Petrichor- the creative writing society of Sri Venkateswara college DU, during his under-graduation years. He was also the student editor of his college magazine and organized numerous literary events in his college.
He has served as the youth ambassador of Delhi poetry festival- season 5.
His first book of poems titled “In the hour of sky” was published by Writers Workshop India last October.
Four of his poems were published in Indian Literature – the bimonthly literary journal of Sahitya Akademi in the Dec 2020 issue.
He is a regular poetry blogger by the pen name of “magicrealistboy” at his site in
A well-known name in the Delhi poetry circuit. Arijit has been invited for poetry recitals in various events and institutions in recent months, most notably in Mayo Girls college- Ajmer, Jamia University (Dept of English), Maulana Azad medical college, Maharaja Agrasen college, IIT Delhi and Jashn literature carnival among others.
He also contributes to various literary magazines and organizations by sending them his poems such as Kuwar Viyogi memorial trust, Delhi poetry slam etc.

A die hard football fan, Argentina fan and Messi fan. He divides his time between playing football, overthinking about potential problems in future and following the whims of a stubborn heart. And ofcourse in trying to write poems

But ask him about himself and he would look dreamily outside the window, as he does during his lectures.


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