Innocenza Istarte

Innocenza Istarte lives in London with her beautiful nine year old son, Jacob. She likes to party hard, work hard and write poetry.

These Days

(Croatia 2: 0 England)

When Paul Robinson went to clear the back pass
He looked up
Into the stands. Trying to recall the summer,
The overhead camera, the bullseye
Which would spill out his winnings
From bets made with his mates. The point is
He took his eye off the ball. The game
Was littered with basics got wrong:
Passes mis-hit, opposition players
Unharried. Around me
Spilt beer and bravado, abusive
Language. All men like schoolchildren.

The busty Brazilian barmaid from my local
Unimpressed, not a patch on you,
Though a pearl
Amongst swine. I
Should have betrayed myself
And you
And those dearest to me.
Lying and cheating
Is the name of the game, Jim,
These days.


Each day she passed demure
Seeking water from the well
Not returning his steady gaze,
His smiles. Once he thought
He caught her bite her lip
At some gentle, rough-edged
Banter. He tried flattery,
Teasing. Not once did the veil

She was out of his league,
Everything he could never be
Her limbs, her deportment
Had revealed to him
Whole worlds he never knew existed
And then she denied him.

He would swap shifts
With the other guards, knowing
The times she passed,
Always listening out for her footsteps
Discerning her purple sighs
Amidst the sunset rush.

He thought he might steal a kiss.
He tugged at her hood.
Her golden hair, loosened,
Splashed about her shoulders
Like a town-square fountain at daybreak.
The honey of her scented, silken skin
Sweetened the cool air of dusk
As he stooped into her face,
Her lips parted;
He felt Heaven was close at hand;
She spat into his eyes.

In front of the crowds,
His fellow soldiers smirking.
He ripped her tunic, tore her garments.
He unsheathed his sword and sheathed the power of Rome:
He raped her dry body
There by the wayside.
And when he was spent
He looked at her.

And still she didn?t love him;
He knew now she wouldn?t.
So he slit her throat,
The blood pouring into a pool
On the dusty track.
He gouged open her stomach
And pulled out her entrails
Whilst she still breathed.

She whispered like a lover,


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