Board Of Advisors from India

Prof. K. Satchidanandan is a major Indian poet and critic, writing in Malayalam, and English. Satchidanandan has established himself as an academician, editor, translator and playwright. He has to his credit 22 collections of poetry besides many selections, 16 collections of translations of poetry and 19 collections of essays on literature, language and society-three of them in English- besides four plays and three travel narratives. He has 24 collections of his poetry in translation in 16 languages including Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, English, French, German and Italian. He has introduced several poets like Garcia Lorca, Alexander Block, Voznesensky, Pablo Neruda, Cesar Vallejo, Bertolt Brecht, Paul Celan, Zbignew Herbert, Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mahmoud Darwish and Yehuda Amichai to Malayalam readers through translations and studies besides a lot of Black, Latin American and Indian poetry. He has also travelled widely, writing and lecturing.

K. G. Balakrishna Pillai is a Gandhian cultural and educational activist, writer, translator and journalist. He is actively associated with Gandhian thoughts, particularly with regards to eradication of illiteracy and propagation of Hindi at the national and international level. He is the author of several books, articles and booklets in Malayalam and also in Hindi and English. He has edited a literary journal in Hindi titled Keraljyothi for about 30 years. Pillai has served in several Hindi advisory committees of government of India.


Sudeep Sen- is widely recognised as a major new generation voice in world literature and ‘one of the finest younger English-language poets in the international literary scene’ (BBC Radio). Sen’s prize-winning books include: Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems (HarperCollins), Distracted Geographies, Prayer Flag, Rain, Aria (A K Ramanujan Translation Award), Ladakh, Letters of Glass, and The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry (editor). Blue Nude: New & Selected Poems | Translations 1979-2014 (Jorge Zalamea International Poetry Prize) is forthcoming. His poems, translated into twenty-five languages, have featured in major international anthologies. His words have appeared in the TLS, Newsweek, Guardian, Observer, Independent, Telegraph, Herald, Harvard Review, Hindu, Hindustan Times, Times of India, Outlook, India Today, and broadcast on BBC, PBS, CNN IBN, NDTV, AIR & Doordarshan. Sen’s newer work appears in New Writing 15 (Granta), Language for a New Century (Norton), Leela (Collins), Indian Love Poems (Knopf/Random House/Everyman), Out of Bounds (Bloodaxe), and Initiate: Oxford New Writing (Blackwell). He is the editorial director of AARK ARTS and the editor of Atlas.

Board of International Advisors-

Alicia Partnoy
is a survivor from the secret detention camps where about 30,000 people 'disappeared' in her country, Argentina. She is best known as the author of The Little School. Tales of Disappearance and Survival that was published in Argentina in 2006 as La Escuelita. Relatos testimoniales.
A poet, translator, and scholar, Alicia Partnoy has published the poetry collection Little Low Flying/Volando bajito, translated by Gail Wronsky and illustrated by Raquel Partnoy. Poems from her Revenge of the Apple/Venganza de la manzana rode the metro in New York, Dallas, and Washington D.C., have been set to music by Sweet Honey in the Rock, and have been translated into several languages, including Hebrew.
Partnoy edited You Can't Drown the Fire: Latin American Women Writing in Exile, and from 2003 to 2006, she was the co-editor of Chicana/Latina Studies: the journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social. Her work has been twice a Pushcart Foundation Writer's Choice Selection (Tobias Wolff and Bobbie Ann Mason), and has been listed in the London Times as a best-seller. Her poems, testimonial texts, and scholarship have been widely published in the U.S.A and abroad.
Alicia Partnoy served on the boards of directors of PEN, Roadwork, and Amnesty International U.S.A. She is an associate professor at Loyola Marymount University. Partnoy presides over Proyecto VOS, Voices of Survivors, an organization that brings survivors of state sponsored violence to lecture at U.S. universities.

Ataol Behramoglu (Turkey)
 is a significant poet and peacemaker from Turkey who has published over 20 books of poetry. In March 1982, he was arrested along with other executive committee members of the Turkish Peace Association and kept under atrocious conditions in Maltepe Military Prison until he was conditionally released in November 1982. He was awarded the Lotus Prize by the Afro Writers Union in 1982. On November 1983, at the session of the Turkish peace Association Trial that he did not attend, Behramoglu was sentenced to 8 years of hard labor followed by 3 years of exile. He had to leave his country and in 1984 he went to Paris to participate in the work of Sorbonne's National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Center for Comparative Poetry. His poems are widely translated and published in several languages. In 1985, Behramoğlu was awarded an M.A. degree (Diplômes D’études Approfondies/D.E.A) by the Center Comparative for Poetry for his study on the poetry of Nazım Hikmet and Vladimir Mayakovsky. The same year in Germany, his two new books of poetry were published in Turkish: Turkey, My Sad Country, My Beautiful Land and Letters to My Daughter. In 2003, he was awarded The Great Prize of Poetry by the Turkish International P.E.N. In addition to his widespread popularity as a poet and writer in his country, he is an eminent translator of the works of Russian poets and writers such as Pouchkine, Lermontov, Chekov and Gorky. Ataol Behramoğlu is currently the head of the Russian Philology Department in İstanbul-Aydın University and also writes a column as a literary and political commentator in the daily Cumhuriyet.

Amir Or- (Israel)
is the author of ten volumes of poetry, the latest of which are The Museum of Time (2007), Heart Beast (2010) and Prophecy of the Madman (2012). His poems, translated into more than forty languages, have appeared in anthologies, poetry journals, as well as in twelve books in Europe and the U.S. His latest publications in English are 'Poem' and 'Day (both published by Dedalus, U.K. in 2004 and 2006, respectively), Plates from the Museum of Time (ArtAark, U.S., 2009) and the Spanish-English Miracle/The Hours (Urpi Editores, U.S., 2011)
Or is the recipient of Israeli and international poetry awards, including the 2000 Pleiades Tribute (Macedonia) for having made "a significant contribution to modern world poetry." He won the Bernstein Prize, the Fulbright Award for Writers, the Levi Eshkol Prime Minister’s Poetry Prize and the Oeneumi literary prize of the Tetovo Poetry Festival. He was also awarded several poetry fellowships, including fellowships from the University of Iowa, the Center for Jewish-Hebrew Studies at the University of Oxford, the Literarische Colloquium in Berlin; the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Ireland and a fellowship from the Hawthornden Castle in Scotland.
Or has translated eight prose and poetry books into Hebrew including The Gospel of Thomas, Stories from the Mahabharata and Limb Loosening Desire, which is an anthology of erotic Greek poetry. For his translations from ancient Greek, he was awarded the Culture Minister Prize. Or has studied Philosophy and Comparative Religion at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he later lectured on Ancient Greek Religion. He has taught poetry and creative writing at the Helicon Poetry School, as well as at universities in Israel, Europe, U.S. and Japan. He has published numerous essays on poetry, classic studies, and comparative religion.
In 1990, Or co-founded the Helicon Poetry Society and later served as Helicon's Chief Editor and Artistic Director. He initiated and developed its various projects, including Helicon's poetry journal and its series of poetry books, the Sha’ar, an International Poetry Festival and the Helicon Hebrew-Arabic Poetry School. Currently, Or is the editor of the Katuv poetry books series and a national editor of Atlas and Blesoc international poetry magazines. He is also a national coordinator for the U.N. sponsored UPC venture Poets for Peace. Or is a founding member of the EACWP (European Association of Creative Writing Programs) and the WPM (World Poetry Movement).

Kritya International Organizing Committee

Gabriel Rosenstock
(Ireland) has published over 150 books, most of them in Irish (Gaelic). He has taught haiku at the Schule für Dichtung (Poetry Academy) in Vienna. Among his awards is the Tamgha I Kidmat medal for services to literature. He has translated the work of many poets into Irish, among them Francisco X. Alarcon, Seamus Heaney, Rabindranath Tagore, Gunter Grass, W M Roggeman, Said, Zhang Ye, Michele Ranchetti, Michael Augustin, Peter Huchel, Georg Trakl, Georg Heym, Hansjorg, Schertenleib, Hilde Domin, Johann P. Tammen, Munir Niazi, Ko Un, Gunter Kunert, Iqbal, Michael Kruger, Kristiina Ehin, Nikola Madzirov, Agnar Artuvertin, Walter Helmut Fritz, K. Satchidanandan and Matthias Politycki.

His many contributions include plays, work for TV, novels and short stories, children's literature in prose and verse, including Irish versions of classics such as The Gruffalo. Among the anthologies in which he is represented, the Best European Fiction 2012 (Dalkey Archive Press, USA) is noteworthy. His two books on haiku as a way of life, Haiku Enlightenment and Haiku, the Gentle Art of Disappearing by Cambridge Scholars Publishing are available at Amazon. Uttering Her Name (Salmon Poetry) is his debut volume of poems in English: "It has a strong feel of some of the great bhakti poetry, like that of Mirabai." (Poetry Chaikhana, Sacred Poetry from Around the World)

Peter Waugh was born in Barnet and lives in Vienna since 1981, where he works as a freelance translator and English teacher. He is the co-founder of Labyrinth and co-editor of Subdream, the Vienna Journal of English Language Poetry, and also the publisher of Labyrinth poetry books. He has organized and participated in numerous readings in Vienna and Austria, including appearances with the groups Dunkler Sand and the Karl Sayer Jazz Sextet and the Erste Wiener Lesetheater.

Anna Lombardo (Italy)
is a poet, teacher, translator and editor of the cultural magazine Le Voci della Luna who lives in Venice. Her poetry collections in English and Italian are Even the Fish are Drunk / Anche I pesci sono ubriachi, (Marimbo editor, Berkeley (CA), 2002), The Something that's Missing (Le Voci della Luna editor, Sasso Marconi (BO), 2009) and a poetry edition in Italian and Spanish entitled Nessun Alibi / Ninguna Coartada (Edizioni Universitarie, Venice, 2004). Other critical works by Lombardo are La scrittura esiliata (The exiled writing, Venice, 2006), The concept of Threshold in Jack Hirschman's poem "Endless threshold" in American Studies (Mozzanti editori, Venice, 2008) and The Translation and Joyce Lussu in Quaderni su Joyce Lussu (Bologna, 2007). She has attended various international poetry festivals such as Santiago (Cuba, 2004), the International Poetry Festivalin San Francisco, (2007¬2009) Poets from the world, International Meeting in Senigallia (Italy, 2008), International Poetry Festival of Al-Marbid in Basra-Baghdad (Iraq, 2010), La Mar de Letras in Cartagena (Spain, 2011) and Kritya International Poetry festival. Lombardo is currently doing her PhD at the Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland) in Gender Studies.

Zingonia Zingone (Italy)
 is a poet, novelist and translator writing in Spanish and Italian. Brought up between Italy and Costa Rica, Zingone graduated in Economics and has worked in banking and agriculture in Italy and Central America. Her poetry collections include Mascara del delirio (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2006, Lietocolle, 2008), Cosmo-agonia (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2007) Tana Katana (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2009), Equilibrista del olvido/L’equilibrista dell’oblio (Raffaelli Editore, 2011), The Acrobat of Oblivion (Poetywala, 2012) and Marethu Hoda Dombarake (Aharnishi Prakashana, 2012). Her novel published in Italian is titled Il velo (Elephanta Press, 2000). Her poems have been published in numerous literary magazines and thematic anthologies. She has also translated Alarma de Virus (Ediciones Espiral, 2012), a poetry book by the Marathi poet Hemant Divate, from English into Spanish. Zingone's poetry has been translated into English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam.
She is also a member of the Editorial Board of Kritya and an advisor to Mediterranea, Intercontinental Festival of Literature and Arts for Latin American poetry. Zingone currently lives in Rome and has participated in numerous International Poetry Festivals in Latin America, Europe and Asia since 2007

Maryam Ala Amjadi (1984),
is an Iranian poet, translator and essayist who has spent the impressionable years of her childhood in India. Ala Amjadi who writes in English was the winner of the Silver Medal in the 14th National Persian Literature Olympiad (2001) and was awarded Honorary Fellowship in Creative Writing by the International Writers Program (IWP) at University of Iowa, U.S.A. (Fall 2008). Her first book of poems Me, I and Myself (a bilingual edition in English and Persian) was published by TehranSeda Publications in 2003 and her second collection of poems Gypsy Bullets was published by Prafullata Publications (India) in 2010. Ala Amjadi has also translated the American poet, Raymond Carver's poetry into Persian in a collection titled Fear of Arriving Early (Aknoon Publications, Tehran 2009). She also won the Second Prize (on gender issues in translation) in the A.K. Ramanujan National Paper Reading Competition, University of Baroda, India (January 2009) and the Young Generation Poet Award in the 1st International Poetry Festival in Yinchuan, China (Sept 2011). Ala Amjadi has also previously worked as a news interpreter at the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) and as a cultural columnist for the Tehran Times Daily, where she founded and wrote a weekly page dedicated to Iranian culture and society. Her poems have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Italian and Romanian. She is a contributing translator to the UniVerse of Poetry forum and also a member of the organizing committee of the Kritya International poetry festival. Presently, she is an Erasmus Mundus PhD fellow in Text and Event in Early Modern Europe (TEEME) at the University of Kent (UK) and Universidade do Porto (Portugal).

Annelisa Addolorato is an Italian writer, poet and translator. Brought up and educated in Italy and Spain, she writes in both Italian and Spanish. She has published two bilingual collections of poetry in Spain titled Mariposas y falenas-Farfalle e falene and La palabra ‘lasca’ o la reconstrucción de Pompeya-La parola ‘lasca’ o la ricostruzione di Pompei. Addolorato's forthcoming book of poems My Voice seeks you (Cross-Cultural Communications in New York) is due for publication in the U.S. She has read her poetry in literary festivals in Italy, Spain, Israel, India and Venezuela. Addolorato has also published a book on the poetry of Octavio Paz titled La parola danzante and another on the poetry of Clara Janés titled Viaje entre palabras. She has also written several articles and essays on poetry, Literature, Aesthetics and contemporary Hispanism. Her poetry featured in print and online has been translated into Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German. Her video-poems are also available on the internet. As a Hispanist, she has worked as a teacher at the Universities of Milan and Pavia for nine years. In 2011 and 2012, she also worked as a Spanish Language teacher for the Master in Diplomacy programme at the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) in Milan. Addolorato is presently learning martial arts, kung-fu and Schiatsu.


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