Dear Friends,

Initially mankind had no boundaries. Movement of man was according to his need and hunger. But greed has given rise to many lines of demarcation. he had made boundaries around himself and called it his own land. As we know that the earth hymn of Atharvaveda , the Prithivi word was used for the land, and the wish for bigger land is very clearly seen.

“whose carries different brave people and different medicines

Let prithvi make bigger ways for us

Where there is the sea and water of river sindhu,

Where different crops grow

On which this living being takes breath

Let that earth keep us on a higher place”.


On the earth where men sing and dance

Where wars raise cries, where the sound of dundubhi roars

let that earth throw out our enemy and

Make us without enemies

{AV- 12.1.1-2. AV-12.1.1-2}

The whole planet is the resource for all. ”Vasudeva Kudumbakkom” our ancient motto was in reality only a motto. As the whole earth converted in to a number of different lands or kingdom. man became enemy of man himself. This situation has changed rapidly.

Because of this greed, the shape of the boundaries started changing. Identities like language, religion are weapons used to control these boundaries. But in modern time people are again forced to come out from their thrown to unknown lands.  Mohammad Habeeb , a writer and translator from Syria says --I have left behind a 54-year life-story, family, friends, and the Syrian people. It is like having two mothers: the first one is always the most wanted, even when the second is more loving and kindhearted. He also says - as 'I left [Syria], but half of my thought and feelings are still there.

Man has become accustomed to own land that leaving land is not so easy. But when  they are not comfortable in their own land. They are forced to leave their homes. Though there could be economic reasons for migration, people are helpless in the country they emigrate to. The most atrocious kind of migration is due to war and religious conflict. Because of war and religious conflict, people have to leave their house/land against their own wish.

Thus lives are lost in transit – their stories and histories. They have nothing to fall back upon – women and children are stranded. Some time they reach to new land and some they reach no where.

This is the toughest problem of the contemporary times.
What is the cause for all this? Religion and blind faith could be one reason.
Now we can discuss that what can a poet do in these times?

Can poetry solve our problems ?

No poetry cannot solve problems Poetry can rouse our feelings towards all kinds of issues that plague human kind.

Yes. Poetry can give the voice to the voiceless.

Poetry can open the eyes of conscience and help us to understand their problems and help to save human kind.

Rati Saxena

Chandramohan S

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