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List of International Poets Attending Kritya 2014

Augusta Laar -is a German artist , poet and musician. She was born in 1955 and lives and works alternately in Krailling near Munich and in Vienna. She studied musicology in Munich, piano in Vienna and poetry at the Poetry Academy . In addition to the classical fields of art, such as photography , video and drawing , she deals with installations and interdisciplinary and interactive art projects. Together with her husband Kalle Laar, she is a part of the electronic duo poetry - art or accident.
Her poetry has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. She was one of the co-initiators of the Munich Poetry Readings: Poetry Platform and Shame Skirt - Salon of poets. The public Rock - Festival of poets is also one of her initiatives. She also initiates and moderates a discussion series - Poetry Talk in Munich, Vienna and Lucerne.
Augusta is a member of the group of authors Viennapoetics, Vienna tourists, Lyrinx and Rhyme Free. She conducts workshops and has been a lecturer in the fields of poetry, perception and sound for the following institutions : Poetry Academy of Vienna, Vienna Festival ,Jeunesse Vienna , Munich Literature House , Goethe Institute Salvador da Bahia and Cordoba and The Temporary Sound Museum. She is the initiator and director of the reading series for female poets Schamrock-Salon der Dichterinnen in Munich since 2009. She also organized the first women's poetry festival worldwide, Schamrock-Festival der.

 AMIR OR-(Israel)  born in Tel Aviv in 1956, is the author of eleven volumes of poetry in Hebrew. His latest books are Heart Beast (2010), Prophecy of the Madman (2012) and Loot (Selected poems 1977-2013). His poems, translated into more than forty languages, have appeared in poetry journals, anthologies, as well as in eighteen books in Europe and America. Among them are Poem and Day (Dedalus, 2004, 2006,); The Museum of Time (ArtAark, 2009; Dutch, Azul Press 2012),Miracle/Milagro(Spanish/English, UrpiEditores,U.S. 2011)Loot (Serbian, Arhipelag Press 2012, 2014, Şiirden, Turkish 2014), Le Musée du Temps(Editons de l'Amandier, 2013), Let's Speak You (English/Romanian/Hebrew, Contemporary Literature Press 2014) and TrediciPoesie (Italian, Milan 2014).
Amir studied Philosophy and Comparative Religion at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has taught at his alma mater, at Helicon Poetry School, as well as at universities in Israel, Europe, U.S., and Japan. He has published numerous essays on poetry, classic studies, and comparative religion. Or has translated eight prose and poetry books into Hebrew including The Gospel of Thomas, Stories from the Mahabharata and Limb Loosening Desire, which is an anthology of erotic Greek poetry. For his translations from ancient Greek, he was awarded the Culture Minister Prize.
In 1990, Or co-founded Helicon Poetry Society and later on served as Helicon's Chief Editor and Artistic Director. He initiated and developed its various projects, including Helicon's poetry journal and its series of poetry books; the Sha’ar International Poetry Festival; and the Helicon Hebrew-Arabic Poetry School.

Or is the recipient of Israeli and international poetry awards, including the Pleiades tribute (SPE 2000) for having made “a significant contribution to modern world poetry”, the Fulbright Award for Writers, the Bernstein Prize, the Levi Eshkol Prime Minister’s Poetry Prize, the Oeneumi literary prize 2010 of the Tetovo Poetry Festival, the Wine Poetry prize 2013 of the Struga Poetry Evenings and the 'Stefan MitrovLjubisa' Award 2014 of The Budva City Theater. He was also awarded several poetry fellowships, among them fellowships from Iowa University; the Centre of Jewish-Hebrew Studies at the University of Oxford; the Literarische Colloquium, Berlin; the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Ireland; and the Hawthornden Castle, Scotland.

Currently, Or serves as editor of the Catuv poetry books series as national editor of the international poetry magazines Atlas and Blesok, as a national coordinator for the U.N. sponsored UPC venture, “Poets for Peace.” He is a founding member of the EACWP (European Association of Creative Writing Programs) of the international Circle of Poets

BERRY HEART-  is a recording poet, singer, dancer, and image model. Her first single album Mama was produced in Germany by Daniel Schmidt of Chabreteure Productions in 2008. She released her 2011 production titled Giving Birth to Love in 2012. She produced a charity poetry album called Children of Mawa and Girl Power in 2013 to raise funds for under privileged children.
Berry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, a certificate in German, and is currently pursuing an International Diploma in French. She is a Botswana Ambassador for United Nations Creative Advisory Council.
Berry defines herself primarily as an activist and then as a poet. Since 2010, she has been staging a live poetry performance annually. During this event of sixteen days, participants compile poetry pieces based on themes like advocacy against violence on women and children, against emotional and physical abuse, rape, poverty and AIDS. This is also one of her annual fund raising or charity projects.
Berry Heart is a widely traveled poet having staged shows in Africa and Europe. She is a voice of the voiceless. And in her own words, “Where there is poetry and a will, there is a way.

Erik Lindner was born in 1968 in the Hague, Netherlands. His first book of poetry Tramontane was published in 1996; Tong en trede, (Tongue and tread) in 2000; Tafel, (Table) in 2004; and Terrein, (Terrain) in 2010. A teacher of creative writing and poetry, a critic of poetry and literature, he edits two literary revues, Terras and De Revisor. During his stay in Paris, he published a book of poetry in French, Terrain (2007). He also published several anthologies of Dutch contemporary poetry in translation. In 2013, his first novel NaarWhitebridge (To Whitebridge) was published. A selection of his poems in German, NachAkedia, and in Italian, Fermata Provvisoria, (Temporary Stop) came out in 2013.
The German Academy recommended his German book as one of the best translations of the year 2013. Erik has participated in many festivals all over the world and has enjoyed several residencies in Canada, Zimbabwe, Taiwan and Europe.

Haydar Ergülen -(b.1956) graduated from the sociology department at Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Among his published poetry books are: Sokak Prensesi, (Street Princess)1990; Eskiden Terzi, (Once a Tailor),1995; 40 Şiir ve Bir, (40 Poems and One); Ölüm Bir Skandal,(Death is a Scandal),1999; Üzgün Kediler Gazeli, (Ghazals to Blue Cats) 2007; Nar Pomegranate, Collected Poems I, 2008; Hafız ile Semender, Hafiz and Salamander, Collected Poems II. His essays in Düzyazı: 100 Yazı, Hundred Essays, 2006; and Eski Yazı, The Old Scripture, 2009.
His poetry has been translated into many languages. A poet highly lauded and awarded in Turkey and critically acclaimed, much has been published about Haydar Ergülen's poetry, as well as symposiums held discussing his work. He is the director of International Poetry Festival in Eskişehir.

Ingrid Fichtner - was born in 1954 in Judenburg, Austria. She studied English at Vienna University earning a Master of Arts. She lived in New Jersey, the United States for seven years. Her books of poetry won several awards and scholarships by the City of Zurich and by Pro Helvetia. The poems in English have been either written be her or translated by her.
Ingrid was invited to the World Poetry Festival, Sabad, Delhi in 2014; International Poetry Festival of Medellín in 2013; and Schamrock Festival der Dichterinnen, Munich in 2012
Since 1985, she has been residing in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a translator and editorial assistant of books. She has also worked extensively with musicians and composers completing two libretti.

Kristian Guttesen, was born in 1974 and is the author of nine poetry books in Icelandic. He published his first book in 1995. Kristian Guttesen lives in Eastern Iceland with his fiancée and five children. He is a K12, Junior College teacher of ethics and creative writing and is currently studying philosophy at The University of Iceland.
Kristian published Í landi hinna ófleygu fugal, In the Land of the Flightless Birds, Deus Poetry, 2014; Vegurinn um Dimmuheiði (Through the Dark Heath) Deus Poetry, 2012; Glæpaljóð (Crime Poems) Deus Poetry, 2007; Litbrigðamygla (Pityriasis Versicolor), 2005, JPV; Mótmæli með þátttöku: Bítsaga (Protest Through Participation) Salka. 2004; Ígull (Porcupine) Salka, 2003; Annó (Anno) Deus Poetry,1999; Cymru Skuggaljóð (Shadow Poems) 1998; Author Afturgöngur (Ghosts)1995 Authora. He was nominated for the 2007 Icelandic Translation Prize for a translation of the Norwegian novel The Hill (n. Skråninga) by Carl-Frode Tiller.

 LIANA LANGA - was born in 1960 in Riga, Latvia. She pent the first part of nineties in the United States as a student at the New School College in New York City, where she studied philosophy and 20th century literature.
As a translator of Russian and English, she was a consultant for the project Literature Express/Europe 2000. Currently, Langa is the manager of the Publishing House Apostrofs and a member of the editorial team of the literary magazine Latvju Teksti (Latvian Writings).
In 1997, Liana Langa published the first Latvian collection Now the Sky, Now the Dial. This collection had the effect of an unexpected blaze of a comet. In 1998, it was awarded the prestigious Poetry Day Prize. The award was repeated in 2006. Liana Langa’s second collection, Blow the Trumpet, Scorpion! (2001), received the 2001 and 2011 Annual Award for Literature. It was also adjudicated as the Best Designed Book Award in 2002.
Liana Langa is an author of four poetry and one prose book: “Deadly Nightshade” (2010); Diary of Aerials (2006); Blow the Trumpet, Scorpion! (2001); Now the Sky, Now the Dial (1997); and essays of travel, I Did Not Have To Hurry” (2008).


Marc Delouze is a French poet born in Paris. He is a poet and traveller "by the force of things", as he states. Marc’s first poetry collection was published in 1971 titled Memories of the House of Words (prefaced by Aragon) followed by three other books of poems. After his initial success, Marc, refusing "to play the poet", did not publish for twenty years. During this time, he created Les Parvis Poétiques in 1982, The Poetry Forum which organizes events, festivals, acoustic exhibitions, and readings. He worked and researched new methods of poetic expressions connected with modern city life: street performances, and revived poetry alongside music.
In 2000, Marc created a new festival in Paris, Montmartre, inviting poets, actors, musicians, dancers, singers, choirs, painters and video makers. He is also co-founder and literary advisor to the poetry festival Voices of the Mediterranean, which takes place in Lodève in the south of France.
Marc’s latest collections from 2000 comprise Editions La Passe du Vent : T’es beaucoup à te croire tout seul (You’re many to Believe Yourself Alone); poem, La Diagonale des poètes (The Diagonal of the Poets); essai, Yeou, Piéton des Terres; proses poétiques, Des poètes aux Parvis; an anthology of 74 poets in Les Parvis Poétiques, Le bruit des autres Editions: L’homme qui fermait les yeux sans baisser les paupières (The Man who closed his eyes without lowering his Eyelids); récit, rue des martyrs, récit; Dames de Cœur, récit; Editions Lanore: Epouvantails (Scarecrows), poems, Editions Verdier: C’est le monde qui parle (The world who speaks), récit, 14975 days between… poems; Edition La Passe du Vent, 2012 Le Chant des Terres (The Song of Lands) and La Porte, 2014.

Neşe Yaşın was born in 1959 in Cyprus. She studied sociology at Middle East Technical University in Ankara. She is a well known poet and widely read on both sides of divided Cyprus. She has published six volumes of poetry. Hyacinth and Narcissus (1979); Tears of Wars’ (1980); Doors (1992); The Moon is Made of Love (2000); Chambers of Memory (2005 ) Selected Poems (2008). She wrote a novel Secret History of Sad Girls (2002) and a non-fiction book in 2013.
Nese received the Anthias Pierides Award in 1998 for Remembering through Poetry. Her poetry has been translated into more than 20 languages published in literary magazines and anthologies. She has participated in poetry festivals and readings around the world. She directed and presented a literary program called 41st Room at CYBC radio (1992-2007) and the program Peace Garden (2001-2003) at radio ASTRA.
Nese writes weekly columns for BirGün newspaper (Turkey) and Yenidüzen newspaper (Cyprus). She also teaches language and literature at the Turkish Studies department of the University of Cyprus.


 PORNPEN HANTRAKOOL-She has been a Professor at Tenri University in Japan and an Associate Professor at Silpakorn University of Thailand. Apart from teaching and doing research, Professor Hantrakool has served the public for many years while acting as the General Secretary and the Project Director of the Historical Society Under the Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. She has also served some offices of the Thai Government as a subcommittee for editing historical publications. Now, she helps the Royal Institute of Thailand as a committee for compiling and publishing books on ASEAN langugues and cultures.
Professor Hantrakool now writes and translates poetry as well as songs. She has been invited to participate in poetry and literary festivals held in several countries (Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya). Having done some academic works on Vietnamese history, historiography, and literature, in 2012 she was granted an honorable certificate with a decoration from the Vietnamese Writer Association for her pioneering contributions to Vietnamese Studies, particulary in literature, in Thailand. This year, she is nominated to receive an award for the sevice to the history from the Amarakoon Cultural Foundation, Sri Lanka.


Pär Hansson- was born 1970 in Vännäs, Västerbotten County, in Northern Sweden. He has published five collections of poetry: Ruckel/Hovel, Familjekista/Family Chest, Lavinflaggor/Avalanche Flags, Motorsågsminne/Chainsaw Memory and Vi plockar bär i civilisationen/Berrypicking Poems. His works have been included in anthologies and published in literary magazines in Sweden and abroad. The spoken word is essential for his writing. Reading the poems loud in different rooms has been part of his poetic practice since his debut in 1998. He is a member of Sweden's Writers Association Board and one of the editors of the poetry fanzine Grass. He now lives in Hammarbyhöjden, Stockholm, where he organizes readings on his veranda and teaches creative writing at Folk university of Gotland. When not working, he likes to fish, go skiing in the hills and spend time with his children.


Richard Jackson is the author of thirteen books of poems, most recently Retrievals (C&R Press, 2014), Out of Place (Ashland, 2014), Resonancia (Barcelona, 2014, translation of Resonance from Ashland, 2010), Half Lives: Petrarchan Poems (Autumn House, 2004), Unauthorized Autobiography: New and Selected Poems (Ashland, 2003), and Heartwall (UMass, Juniper Prize 2000), as well as four chapbook adaptations from Pavese and other Italian poets.He has translated a book of poems by AlexsanderPersolja (PotvanjeSonca / Journey of the Sun) (KulturnoDrustvoVilenica: Slovenia, 2007) as well as Last Voyage, a book of translations of the early-20th-century Italian poet, Giovanni Pascoli, (Red Hen, 2010). In addition, he has edited the selected poems of Slovene poet, Iztok Osijnik. His own poems have been translated into sventeen languages including Worlds Apart: Selected Poems in Slovene. He has edited two anthologies of Slovene poetryand Poetry Miscellany, a journal.. He is the author of Dismantling Time in Contemporary American Poetry (Agee Prize), and Acts of Mind: Interviews with Contemporary American Poets (Choice Award). He was awarded the Order of Freedom Medal for literary and humanitarian work in the Balkans by the President of Slovenia for his work with the Slovene-based Peace and Sarajevo Committees of PEN International. He has received Guggenheim, NEA, NEH, and two Witter-Bynner fellowships, a Prairie Schooner Reader's Choice Award, and the Crazyhorse prize, and he is the winner of five Pushcart Prizes and has appeared in Best American Poems ‘97 as well as many other anthologies. Originator of VCFA’s Slovenia Program, he was a Fulbright Exchange poet to former Yugoslavia and returns to Europe each year with groups of students. He has been teaching at the Iowa Summer Festival, The Prague Summer Workshops, and regularly at UT-Chattanooga (since 1976), where he directs the Meacham Writers' Conference. He has taught at VCFA since 1987. He has won teaching awards at UT-Chattanooga and VCFA. In 2009 he won the AWP George Garret Award for teaching and writing.

Rita Ann Higgins, born in Galway, has published ten collections of poetry. Her most recent Ireland is Changing Mother (published by Bloodaxe) was published in 2011. In 2010, a memoir in prose and poetry, Hurting God was published by Salmon. Changing Mother has all the colours of ordinary lives in combination with her passionate verbal energy. Changing Mother is a characteristic of Rita Ann Higgins’s readings, chronicling the lives of the Irish dispossessed in ways that are both provocative and heart-warming.
Rita is also a playwright having written six stage plays and one screenplay. She has been awarded numerous prizes and awards, among others an honorary professorship. Rita is also a member of Aosdána.

 SETH MICHELSON-He most recent book of poetry, Eyes Like Broke Windows (Press 53, 2012),won the poetry category of the 2013 International Book Awards. He also is the author of the poetry collections House in a Hurricane (Big Table, 2010), Kaddish for My Unborn Son (Pudding House, 2009), and Maestro of Brutal Splendor (Jeanne Duvall, 2005). His translation of El Ghetto (Sudamericana, 2003), by the internationally acclaimed Argentine poet Tamara Kamenszain, appears as The Ghetto (Point of Contact, 2011), and his translation of bicho bola (Yaugurú, 2013), by the Uruguayan poet Victoria Estol, appears as roly poly (Toad Press, 2014). He holds an MFA in Poetry and a PhD in Comparative Literature, and he teaches the literature of the Americas in the Department of Romance Languages at Washington and Lee University in the United States. His scholarship appears globally in a variety of venues, and he is completing two academic books, The Poetics of Reemergence: Poetry, Subjectivity, and Political Violence in the Neoliberal Age and Decaptivating Bodies: Prison, Politics, and Literary Production.

 TUA FORSSTRÖM-b. 1947 lives in Finland. She belongs to the Finland Swedish minority and writes in Swedish. She lives in Helsinki, spending much time also in the countryside by the southern coast where she grew up.
Tua Forsström’s first book appeared in 1972. She has altogether published twelve volumes of poetry. Most important works: Snöleopard (Snow Leopard) 1987, Parkerna (the Parks) 1992, Efter att ha tillbringat en natt bland hästar (After Spending a Night Among Horses) 1997, En kväll i oktober rodde jag ut på sjön (One Evening in October I Rowed Out on the Lake) 2012.
Tua Forsström’s poetry has been translated into many languages. She received the Nordic Council Literature Prize 1998 for After Spending a Night Among Horses.
She has also written several drama and musical works.

 ZULEMA MORET -She was born in Buenos Aires, where she obtained her Master's Degree at the University of Buenos Aires. She defended her Phd/Thesis in the Basque Country University (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain). She has written books for children, among which are included El barrilete viajero (1987), Historia para gatos [4 books] (1993), Cuentos con deseos (1993), El mono Serafín (1995), Bubú y Gusy en la luna (1995), and El juego laberinto de las palabras (1987).
In 1986 she founded the Creative Writing School "Taller de Escritura de Barcelona, El Placer de Escribir" in Barcelona and as editor has published more than 15 books, poetry and short stories anthologies of new writers and also many ArtBooks. She has also edited an anthology of women authors in USA, Mujeres mirando al sur: Poetas sudamericanas en USA (Madrid: Edit. Torremozas, 2004).
As a poet she has published Cuaderno de viaje solitario (Poetry, Ed. Inter-texto, 1985) Cazadora de Sueños (Poetry, Edit. Torremozas, 2003) Un ángel al borde del volcán ardiendo (Poetry, Edicions VOX, 2007), Lo gris (Poetry, Editions VOX, 2012). She has also published Apenas épica (México, Ediciones Caletita, Colección Las vaquitas flacas, No. 2, 2012), Poemas del desastre (Poetry, Edit. Torremozas, 2014/ Bilingual edition). A summary of her Poetry work is published under the title Poesía Reunida – La mujer de la piedra- New York, Artepoética press, 2014.
Her research has been focused on Gender Issues in América Latina, Critical Approaches in Poetry and the link between Creativity and Writing. Her book on Escombros: artistas de lo que queda, (Escombros, Artists of What Remains), obtained the First Prize of Research on Art 2006. She has read her Poetry in Poetry Festivals and International Conferences in Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Argentine, México and United States.

Artist -

Kalle Laar

Sound artist, composer, dj, author of radio plays. Founder of the Temporary Soundmuseum, a broad collection of vinyl documents on contemporary history. Exhibitions, performances, project development for, e.g. art biennials of Venice and Havana, Ars Electronica Vienna, Transmediale Berlin. Lectures on Perception, Sound and Art, e.g. Technical University Munich, Nanjang University Singapore.

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