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Poetry in film

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. Distributors, naturally, are all of the opinion that poets donít sell seats. They do not discern whence comes the very language of the cinema. Without poets, the vocabulary of the film would be far too limited ever to make a true appeal to the public. The equivalent of a babble of infants would not sell many seats. If the cinema had never been fashioned by poetry, it would have remained no more than a mechanical curiosity, occasionally on view like a stuffed whale."

-Orson Welles, from "Ribbon of Dreams"

Poetry is porous and facile in its seamless extension over many genres. Short films use the language and images of metaphor and metonymy much the same as poetry does. the festival will be giving a stage to poetry films an order to widen the space of poetry. There will be space for talented young poets-filmmakers to showcase their talent to an international audience Films based on poems, poems turned into films are welcome




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