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International poetry Festival
Kritya 2014



( 16th, 17th & 18th    November 2014)

Venue- Vyloppilli Samskrithi Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-INDIA

Enlightenment through Poetry and Arts

Enlightenment is an awakening waking up to a new awareness of oneself, of others, and of the entire universe. Deep inside, we all have that spark of creativity which runs like a thread through us, binding us together. It becomes active in moments of deep meditation, stirring up intuition and opening up new perspectives. Those are the rare moments when the ego merges with the Higher Self. Art finds expression in those moments of creativity, enlightening oneself. Artistic expression achieves fulfillment when it communicates with others and receives appreciation. Creativity in the artist establishes a bond with the creativity in the audience, sharing the awareness and edifying the receiver. Self realization is facilitated through poetry and arts. This edition of Kritya Festival aims to explore this enlightening and uniting aspect of poetry and its sister arts how art as a medium can be put to constructive use on an individual as well as collective basis.

Aim of Kritya2014
Enlightenment is associated with reason, honesty, and political and social reform. At the same time it also has an emotional aspect. It arouses the finer sensations in us and inspires sympathy and empathy that are our natural attributes. Thus enlightenment / awakening has a social dimension apart from the philosophical dimension it is usually associated with; and this aspect helps in ensuring human development and social justice. The young minds of any nation must learn to balance technology and their own inherent emotive aspect, and the nation would witness growth in the real sense. In fact, we need this type of enlightenment for the entire earth so that it becomes a valuable planet in the universe. Poetry and art are taught at school level, but unfortunately classroom teaching is by and large ineffective since the students are not able to connect with these subjects in a broader way.
Poetry and art, which are often meaningful statements of the human condition, can actually help develop emotional intelligence, empathy and the capability to understand the requirements of others. This is what is required in the present day world; this is what distinguishes an evolved mind from an ordinary mind and provides it with the capacity to lead and inspire. This is what will help one to bond with others and persuade them to respond.
Festivals like Kritya Poetry Festival give the opportunity for students to open up their minds to contemporary world poetry and art, understand human problems and bond with the entire world in a better and more constructive way.


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