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In every Picture there is a poem, and in every poem there is a picture

Chinese Proverb


I can't help wondering

What everyone

Looks like

Beneath their clothes,


And I can't help wondering

If you wonder





You philosophize all the way back home,

We canoe in turbulent waters

And you refuse to row

Because your mind is traveling far distances

And you are unconcerned by the present

By movement

By destination.

You want to go to the lighthouse,

Always the lighthouse....









No laws of science
Or mathematics
No experiments
No inventions
No conventions
No connections

No borders
In our cycles are no judgments
No critics
No form without content
Where we will create
From lightness and we will light up on stage
When the skies permit it

By chance
We will dance with the shadows
We will be warm
We will be reborn
We will be light and dark
And weight will have fallen...


Artist for the kritya 2013

Sasan Noruzzadeh Chegini (born 1984, Tehran) is an emerging Iranian photographer and photo artist. His work has previously been published in the Tehran Times Daily and he has also worked as a book cover artist. Chegini who is a self-taught photographer has an MA degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tehran. He is interested in street photography and also photo-poetry. He is also an advisor to the Arts Book of the Month journal which is published monthly by the Arts Division of the Iran Book House. He has also translated a book into Persian; Working with You is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work, by Katherine Crowley and Kathy Elster, which was published in 2010 by Nass publications in Tehran. Presently, he works at a photo studio in Tehran where he makes room for his artistic pursuits among his other photography assignments.

Samarendra Singha- a US based Scientist/Photographer, He works for the US Govt, photography for me is kind of Sadhana which brings me the understanding and perception of both the worlds (inner and outer). he got more then hundreds of Explore Image of the day and Image of the months awards and couple of G awards. Also awarded by decorated admiral (Navy) for getting selected in top three in nationwide federal photo contest.!/pages/Samarendra-Singh-Photography/315827421858651




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