I am Kritya. 
The intense word power,
which always moves along with the ultimate truth, which exists completely in accord with rightness.

Up-coming Poetry Festival-kritya2014  - at Trivandrum, Kerala

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Foundation for arts, literature and culture

Kritya is a foundation established to widen the scope and reach of global literature, arts and culture. It seeks to be accessible through translation, publication, performance, interaction and exchange of literary ideas among various languages and cultures. Kritya was formally registered as a trust in January 2007.

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To mark Kritya's achievement we organized a "celebration of poetry" The first celebration took place at the Museum Auditorium in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. As we know, poetry, the oldest form of literature, is always kept alive in other art forms like drama, dance, music and even painting. So we celebrated it by singing, acting, talking and painting poetry and we gave name to this event- Poetry Festival. Kritya has already organized Eight poetry festivals, among these three are internationals.

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EXPRESSIONS OF VERSE: `Seethamaareecham Kilippaattu' was staged by members of Sopanam. Photo: C. Ratheesh Kumar .

It has been a labour of love for Rati Saxena. And it showed in the novel event put together to launch the bilingual web journal dedicated to poetry - www.kritya.org, the first of its kind, the poet-researcher turned academic avers.
The colours of poetry
Bhawani Cheerath

kritya was apriciated by Media many times.

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Call it vision, imagination, or seeing; it all comes down to the same thing: the ability to envision a final result in your mind's eye, and then to make it so with your tools at hand.
It's never been about the gear. It's always been about seeing something, knowing how you want it to look, and making it so.


Kritya take you in the world of events through phtoes..
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Kritya's engagement with arts and the aesthetic experience through poetry and allied art forms has always manifest itself in the blending of the visual and the poetic. On the occasion an Art Exhibition and film exhibition has been envisaged. Kritya will afford a forum for art lovers the world over to witness a visual extravaganza through the works of artists and filmmakers
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       Festival  Director

 Dr.Rati Saxena

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