Poetry in movie

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. Distributors, naturally, are all of the opinion that poets donít sell seats. They do not discern whence comes the very language of the cinema. Without poets, the vocabulary of the film would be far too limited ever to make a true appeal to the public. The equivalent of a babble of infants would not sell many seats. If the cinema had never been fashioned by poetry, it would have remained no more than a mechanical curiosity, occasionally on view like a stuffed whale."

-Orson Welles, from "Ribbon of Dreams"

Kritya2008 witnessed a very successful film section on Poetry presented by Odveig Klyve ( Norway) writer and film director. Kritya2010 hopes to out run the success by formally slotting an entire session to short film on poetry. Poetry is porous and facile in its seamless extension over many genres. Short films use the language and images of metaphor and metonymy much the same as poetry does. the festival will be giving a stage to poetry films an order to widen the
space of poetry. There will be space for talented young poets-filmmakers to showcase their talent to an international audience Films based on poems, poems turned into films are welcome
Kritya2010 Invites short film not existing to 10-15 minutes in duration in any regional language with subtitles in English. However the theme will be restricted to the focus of the festival -
Exile, trauma and survival.

Short films -



"The Poet and The World"

On poets from Romania, Belgium, Austria, England, India
and Norway and also from other countries.
Directed by -
Odveig Klyve
Kari Klyve-Gulbrandsen
Bjorn Gulbrandsen


Labyrinth : self, nature and dreams

A film by Akash Gaur

As the title suggests: Involvement of self, nature and dreams to contribute a man's life. The protagonist in the film is a person dominated by nature which is his actual surroundings in a city. His dreams are nostalgia of his past involvements. and self is sometimes a conscious effort or sometimes a ambiguous sub conscious auto run wizard. That all contributes to the film as the central idea but visual of film is another story altogether.
It is a documentation of a poetic day of the protagonist. he moves in one location to another and it all depicts torments, pain, bliss and contradiction with his self.

3 - At The Midnight Hour by Samit Das

A short film set in post 9/11 New York, At The Midnight Hour explores the the breakdown of a relationship between an Indian American couple in the span of an evening when politics and religion infringes on the personal.

4-Breathing Without Air by Kapilas Bhuyan-

Breathing Without Air

The Mundapotas, as a nomadic group in South Orissa, survive by collecting honey, capturing animals like snakes, porcupines, comondo-dragons and rats etc., which menace the granaries. Another source of their livelihood is the rustic road show called Mundapota, which thrills as well as entertains the audience. The most thrilling item of the performance consists in a performer burying his head under the ground to provide macabre entertainment to villagers.

Breathing Without Air is the tale of a father, son duo of this community. The son buries his head underneath the ground while the father accompanies the show beating his drum.

What happens in the darkness that engulfs him in the pit? How does he survive the ordeal? Does he dream/fantasize? If so, of what?

While Breathing Without Air attempts to answer these questions, it also turns into a metaphor for soul killing deprivation of the working children in India.

5-Sadho - Sadho is a voluntary organization that aims taking great poetry to people from all walks of life through the innovative use of arts, media and social action. Sadho is coming with a number of good poetry films for full one session. Kritya and Sadho are working in same direction with different objectives. So this collaboration will really good for poetry lovers

"Ramta Drig" by Daniel Connell & Amit Kalla



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