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The Dragon Sings And Roars
Where The Dragon Rises 
Duet At The Gate Of The Dragon


We face each other at Euphrates and Tigris

I ride on a sweaty horse

You’re in a Greek boat


We push the gate open and go out

You pick a peony and insert it in my horse

I place a star in your dream

We are in Mesopotamia

We are buried in Arabia after we die

I don’t know how to live and win and die in a dream


You know the beauty of the country and the fragrance of heaven

Around the millennium, we won’t have to care


We will experience love and hatred, all the joys and sorrows, here



The Forbidden City Of Princess Blue



A gentleman in yellow comes out from

the back door of Qianqing Palace.

Princess Blue arrives at the front door

of Kunning Pavilion.


We have a secret date in Jiaotai Palace.

Blue gauze fades and rises up to the sky.


It’s the color of the night and the color of the moon.

Your blue headdress is dazzling.


You lean your back on the ground, I face the sky.



We reach pleasure between Heaven and Earth.

We lie on the top of Jiaotai Palace,

the sun on the left flies by

and the moon on the right flies by.


Great pearls shine between our hands.



Fire Dragon – Horses


Sand sank into the water

and fire blazed on the ice.


Where I hid, between water and fire,

a love affair with a dragon was starting.


My anger burned on ice,

reflected in the blue frost,

and crossing dry pastures.

Fire surged everywhere in the mountains.


I laid noiseless in the fire on the ice facing the north.

How delicate was the moon on the dragon in the night!

I’ll see fire dragon- horses running


towards the green pasture next spring,

trotting on cracked ice.

Fire will sparkle over their heads,

fire will come from them.

Last year it sank into their hearts.


Blowing Flowers To The Moon


The earth can’t hold us

Why don’t we go to the moon

We blow flowers and they fly to the moon


We soar in the blue night sky, in the soft wind

The sun is on the left and the moon is on the right

We sing pastoral songs hand in hand


We live in garden on the moon

All the animals and plants glitter

Flowers and teenagers sing on the rooftops

We get married in this pastoral song



Between Dream And Dream Is Reality


Between last year’s peacock and this year’s goldfish is the collapse of the earth


The collapse of the earth is my resurrection


Between the twins Kun and Lun, I will stand up


The earth will not stop moving because of my disaster


I will follow the contours of the earth


I don’t have to reach the sea. I’ll know my sea from the top of the mountain


The peacock dance and the goldfish parade are both real


I believe that the collapse of the cave of the earth will also be my resurrection


I open my eyes and see the sea everywhere


Electronic Music


The sound of electron-impact comes faintly

We dance in the middle of the Eurasian continent

There are more and more people in the background

We dance with the electrons

Electrons turned inward and become our heartbeat

Electrons turned outward and shine like stars

We stand on the Eurasian continent

Watching the white Milky Way dance overhead

Behind us, the world turns into a painted stage set


Antic Theatre


People are living a serious life Good and evil, beauty and ugliness, loyalty and adultery, virtue and folly, poverty and wealth are all very seriously involved

They don’t know the sky’s eyes are watching the performance from above


People are running around on earth

Never knowing where they came from

Quietly born, silently dead

They all run through the Dragon trap

People sit on the earth

The world around us grows more and more ethereal

We are standing like statues in a comedy theater



Kunlun, The Slave


Kun flies west

Lun flies east

Kunlun is by my side


Kunlun the Slave comes from Golog, the heart of Kunlun Mountains

Kunlun walks around me

I stand in the heart of the great Kunlun Mountains


Kunlun the Slave comes from the heart of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau


The land sinks there and Kunlun the Slave rises


What does Kunlun the Slave leave behind? What will Kunlun the Slave bring along?


Kunlun the Slave follows me every day


Walk In The Stars


I stand in the center of the storm and watch


Beauty walks unobtrusively

The world is so quiet


I look up at the stars, all the secrets in the universe!


I lower my head and touch my chest. All the mysteries in my heart!


We will meet one day

I walk calmly on this earth

I don’t worry about anything

Our world will be in good order — for ourselves, for nations, for mankind



Step On The Fire And Jump On The Tip Of The Devil’s Tongue


I hear the devil’s scream on a moonlit night

Yellow leaves are falling in the woods

I light a fire in the woods

I walk into the fire, into the devil’s mouth

I sit on the tip of the devil’s tongue and talk to the him

Stars twinkle in the sky

My heart keeps beating

I walk up and down in the woods

That’s my shadow on the snow

Looks like I’m talking to myself





Cao Shui(Chinese: 曹谁;pinyin: Cáo Shuí), also Shawn Cao (born in Jun 5, 1982), is a Chinese poet, novelist, screenwriter and translator. He is a representative figure of Chinese Contemporary Literature. He leads “the Greatpoeticism” movement. In his “Manifesto of Greatpoem”, he aims to integrate sacred and secular cultures, oriental and occidental cultures, ancient and modern cultures in Chinese literature. In 2008, he resigned from a newspaper and traveled around Tibet and Xinjiang, which is the center of Eurasia or the World in his view. His novels Secret of Heaven trilogy tells the whole developing history of human civilization. His most notable works includes Epic of Eurasia, the already mentioned trilogy and King Peacock (TV series). In his works, he extracts elements of various ancient human civilizations, from Babylon to the west to Judea, Egypt, Greece, to the east to Persia, India, China, and uses these elements to reconstruct a new Utopian human homeland, which always described as Eurasia, the Top of the Tower of Babel or Kunlun Mountains (Heaven Mountains). So far fourty books of Cao Shui have been published, including ten poem collections, four essay collections, ten novels, twenty fairy tales, four translations and one hundred episodes TV series and films. He has won more than 50 literary awards worldwide, including the 1st Chinese Young Poet Award, the 4th Cao Yu Cup Drama Award, the Apollo Dionysus Award of the 8th Italian Rome International Academy of Contemporary Poetry and Art Award, the 12th Russian Golden Knight Award, and the Top Ten Public Figures of the 5th Chinese Poetry Spring Festival Gala, etc.His works have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Nepali, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Mongolian, etc. He has been invited to participate in the 30th Medellin International Poetry Festival, the 26th Havana International Poetry Festival, the 14th Kritya International Poetry Festival in India and the 4th Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival. He is a member of China Writers Association, China Film Association and China Poetry Society. He is also chief editor of Great Poetry, deputy editor in chief of World Poetry, secretary general of Boao International Poetry Festival and vice president of the Silk Road International Poetry Festival. Currently he lives in Beijing, and works as a professional writer and screenwriter.

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